Sweet as Pie Printable Gift Tag

Did you know that Walmart has these little boxes of mini pies in their bakery for fifty cents? Seriously, this has got to be one of the best buys out there right now. Can you imagine having these as favors at a wedding or a fall party? You could even give them as gifts to your friends. I decided that to make them an even better gift to give, you need a printable gift tag to go with them. I've got one for you, plus, if you want to design your own gift tag, I'm telling you step by step how I did it in PicMonkey  {one of my favorite design softwares} and then cut it on my Silhouette Cameo.

Sweet as Pie Printable Gift Tag

Download the printable here. It will be ready for you to print and cut on your Silhouette Cameo. I did learn a little tip when using registration marks on your paper as a print and cut feature. My Cameo wasn't recognizing my marks so I went over them with a sharpie. It worked! I felt like a genius. But only for a hot minute because life is like that.

I love using my Silhouette to design but sometimes the font I want isn't downloaded and it's just faster for me to design with multiple fonts in PicMonkey. So here's how I did it.

boxed mini pies

I logged into PicMonkey {it used to be free and now I think it's not. Sorry. Lame. Also totally worth the subscription fee.} and selected a few different fonts I liked from the text menu. I saved it and then opened the file in Silhouette Studio.

I used the trace feature {find a tutorial on how to trace} and then went as low as I could on the value for the high pass filter. You may have to do this a few times and check out how it's tracing. The undo button is your friend. Once it's traced, you have your red lines that will now be cut lines.
You don't want them to be cut lines, you want them to be print lines. Now you will go to cut settings and select "no cut" and then go to line color and fill color to fill in your text. Easy as that!

I've used this technique in creating:
this handwritten note pillow using HTV
this t-shirt using a photograph
really with any image

I've learned a lot since these $115 invitations!

Keep this tutorial in mind as you start to think about holiday gifts. It will be priceless!

Until then, feel free to print these tags up, cut them on your Silhouette {if you don't have one yet, this is a great price!} and pick up a pie at your local Walmart. You can't beat it for the price! Then drop them off to your favorite friends!

You my friend are as sweet as pie! Enjoy!

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