Homemade Dog Deodorant for your Smelly Pooch

Smelly dog spray, doggie deodorant, call it whatever you want, but I'm calling it our new favorite thing. Our sweet Sophie smells. Part of it is because of her long luxurious locks and the other part is deferred maintenance. If you were reading along last week and saw my random ramblings, you would see that I mentioned how her grooming costs more than a trip for me to the fancy salon. It's not easy to give a bath to an aging overweight dog, so we needed to find something that would help with her smell. I've been trying things for ages, but I finally think I found something that works. Not only that, it's not filled like alcohol the way some of the store-bought sprays are. This is all natural and conditioning, something you both will love. 

smelly dog, homemade cleaner and deodorizer

Homemade Dog Deodorant for your Smelly Pooch

smelly dog, homemade cleaner and deodorizer

You will need:

Spray bottle {I get mine at the dollar store}
16 ounces of water
1/3 cup fractionated coconut oil
10-12 drops of lavender oil
15 drops of chamomile oil 

smelly dog, homemade cleaner and deodorizer

Mix everything together in your spray bottle and give it a shake. 

Fractionated coconut oil is liquid and will remain in liquid form when used. If you use solid coconut oil it will need to be heated {run the bottle under warm water until it liquifies} before use.

You'll find that the coconut oil will be good for conditioning, the lavender is a good calming and anti-itch agent and the chamomile oil will act as a natural deodorant and calming agent. 

Is Tea Tree Oil Bad For Dogs?

I have made this mix with tea tree oil before and it was strongly diluted. However, many people don't want to risk it because tea tree oil can be harmful to dogs in large doses. Consult your vet.

**Essential oils can be harmful to your dog if they aren't diluted properly. Make sure you use plenty of water and cover their eyes and face when spraying your homemade dog deodorant.

Please consult your vet if you have any questions.

smelly dog, homemade cleaner and deodorizer

This spray is safe to be used daily on your smelly pup. Just follow the precautions I listed above. 

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Anonymous said...

This has saved our Jake and us.
My daughter just passed away in Dec and Jake was her baby .and she took such great care of him .
Now I am 68 yrs old and in not good health so putting him in the bathe is a money and age thing for me .
Once a month at the groomers is what I do . He is a 10year old Golden and his beautiful hair is so beautiful and so thick but the smell between bathe times is so smelly.
I have bought store products that have him itching an just not good for him .I made this solution an all I can say is you are my blessing for a problem that had us all shaking our heads
Thank you again for giving me your recipe .

Unknown said...

I made this recipe, but when I go to use it the coconut oil has hardened up and I can't spray it.

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