How to Get Started with Your Letter Board

I've always been a fan of a good quote. In high school I filled my wall with some of my favorites. I think it's because I'm a big fan of words. I love how you can put together words and create a statement that is so profound that it makes you stop and think. I also like it when words can make you take a breath and laugh. It's probably why I have been loving this letterboard trend. I just jumped on the bandwagon and in case you did too, I'm going to share some tips on how you can get started with your letterboard. I know...probably my first step would be to get some punctuation! Just ignore my lack of a question mark will ya.

letter board

How to Get Started With Your Letterboard

letter board

First up, how do you select a letter board.

There are a lot of letterboards out there. I'm finding more and more stores are starting to carry them, but Amazon has by far the best selection I've seen. I actually spent a lot of time debating on what size I wanted. I ultimately decided on a white one with white trim that was 10x10. I wanted one that didn't take up a lot of space and I thought at first I would regret not going with the bigger size, but I haven't. Not one bit. 
I saw that Target started carrying letterboards on an end cap. I wasn't as impressed. They weren't felt, only plastic and I think it felt too cheap to me.

How do you find what you want to say on a letter board?

Sometimes I'll put a fun saying on the board, or a quote that I love. You can add a Bible verse or a line from a book. Like all things though, I have a pretty good Pinterest board with a bunch of ideas. Feel free to follow it.

How do I center my words on a letterboard?

I'm a big fan of eyeballing it, but for your perfectionists out there, you may want to have a better plan. Here are the supplies I used to help me find the center of my letterboard.

how to center your letter board

After I took my letterboard out of the package, I turned it over and used a ruler to help me find the center. I made a line on all four sides with Sharpie. Then, I used a string and tied it up like a package. Those lines overlapped the back Sharpie marks I had made.
how to center your letter board

Now you can easily line up your letters on your board.

How do you figure out your spacing on your letter board?

I actually select all of my letters first and try to plan it out a bit before I press the letters in. Surprisingly, the letters don't slide around easily {I guess that's a good thing!} so you want to have the proper line breaks and spacing for your letters as you lay them out. You will probably have to readjust regardless of how well you plan your letter board out though. That's kind of the fun in it.

How do you store your letters for your letterboard?

I thought I could get away with putting my letters in a little muslin bag but then every time I wanted to change out my words, I had to dump all my letters out and go on a little hunt. I purchased a really inexpensive storage bin and organized my letters inside my box.
I know I'm going to have so much fun having a letterboard. I already love leaving messages for my family. 
Do you have one? Got any tips for me that I might have missed?

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Kallee said...

Such great ideas! Thank. I think it will be easier to use my letter board now

Denise from Savannah said...

THANK YOU for posting this. I treated myself to a letterboard during Christmas shopping, and put a great quote on it - "May you never be too old to search the skies on Christmas Eve" for my annual Christmas Eve appetizer party. A week later my Son changed the last two words to "Agent Mulder" and we chuckled about that. I would then look at the board and think, I really need to change this...but the letters were in a plastic bag in a jumbled up mess. Not anymore!

They are now in a similar container as yours. I tried to share a picture of an addition but don't know how to share it with you. I labeled each of the sections so I could quickly find the letter/number/symbol I need. That also shows me which letters I'm running low on. I want some colored ones now.

Can you share where you find quotes?

katrina said...

What a great post! Your method for centering words is genius! I don't have a letter board (yet) but you sure do make me want to get one.


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