Painting a Room Navy

I'm not afraid of color. I'm pretty sure every room in our old house was some different color. We even had a red bathroom. But I do love neutrals. Our whole house is fairly neutral but I am getting an itch to paint a room navy blue. I've been seeing navy as a home painting trend for awhile now. I know I want to paint my dining room, and I've started narrowing down colors, but I think navy can be tricky. I don't want it to be too blue or too black or too light or too dark. I want it to be perfect. So I started looking around because I thought if I saw a paint color I loved in someone's home, maybe I would find the right one. So here I am, narrowing down my options so I can paint a room navy and sharing some inspiration with you. I'd love to hear your opinions, especially if you've painted a room navy before. 

Painting a Room Navy

I love this bathroom, but the navy may be a little too light for what I'm looking for, but that trim in the Navy and White Bathroom from Saw, Nail & Paint is to die for! Check out our latest board and batten tutorials in our home. 

I love how this room from The Ugly Duckling House has a hint of grey in the color.

I'm obsessed with this buffalo check bathroom from Jaime Costigilio. That is a true labor of love.

I think the paneling makes me love this blue in the living room from Love Your Abode even more. But again, I think it might be a little grey for our home. We have so many yellow tones throughout with tile and backsplashes, that even though I love grey, I would have to redo Everything in the house to make grey work.

I really like how the white trim pops around this navy in the DIY Bungalows bathroom. I think I'm loving this color called Hale Navy. 

I am obsessed with everything about this master bedroom from Lemonthistle. I especially need those cute little jammies!

Maybe it's the animal faces, or all the white that's popping, but I love this sweet little nursery from Emily Morrison

About 15 years ago I bought everything I needed to do a denim wall treatment like this one from The Heathered Nest. I still love it.

I love this color and the eclectic mix of frames in this room from The Boxy Colonial

Seriously, all of these inspiration photos maybe made my job harder! 

One thing I noticed is that I love the pop of white next to the navy. Which is awesome, because the dining room space I want to paint has wainscoting below the chair rail and a coffered ceiling with crown molding so I think I'm going to love it.

Do you have a favorite navy? I want to know so I can add it to my list of contenders!

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Unknown said...

I too am thinking about navy for my dining room walls. I’m going super dark with Naval from SW. Now to start with removing my 80’s wallpaper first!

ValM said...

I painted a bathroom SW Naval after an initial trial of a more royal blue. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I have Behr Starless Night in my dinning room above the chair rail. I love the deep rich navy color. I also like the Behr Premium Plus paint better than the other major brands. It goes on very nicely.

Sue P. said...

We used Behr Daring Indigo (in semi-gloss finish for a little shine) in our living room. It's not a navy but is a darkish blue. Looks great with lots of white bookcases, large white-framed mirrors and some wooden furniture. The painter didn't want to use it as he thought it was too dark, but once it was finished he loved it as we do. Our living room is large and has 4 windows, so with the light and lots of white from the bookcases, etc. it doesn't make the room look too dark.

Judy said...

I put myself through the wringer trying to find a navy paint color for my dining room. I felt like all of my swatches looked too royal, too teal, violet or charcoal. I think my trepidation on using a dark color was working against me as well, considering the rest of the main level rooms were a neutral shade. I took a "flyer" on SW Hale Navy; the shade was exactly what I had in mind! I don't know If I simply got lucky or if I listened to my inner voice telling me the Hale Navy was the one swatch I immediately liked, even before the swatch had dried. Good luck with your navy paint choice, trust your first instinct. I often forget to trust my own, thinking there must be something ELSE, but when I look back on the majority of my projects and purchases, they have been my first instinct or if you wish, "my gut choice". Above all, have fun, it's only paint!

Triệu Thuý An said...

Definitely go for a darker deeper shade of navy! I repainted one of the walls in my apartment the Behr Starless Night - darker navy color, and I loved it! Here is the photo:
An Trieu

Melissa said...

I went for a blackened navy (BM Gentleman's gray) and although I was initially shocked at how dark it photographed, I honestly love it now. It looks SO CRISP against pure white, and it somehow even manages to make the floors I've been yearning to tear up since we got this place look good.

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