Tips and Tricks to Help You Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

This post is written by me on behalf of HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love.

I have a confession to make. I'm a closet hoarder. If I can close a door or a drawer, I'm happy to let the clutter build. I try to clean and organize but in no time things are a mess again. I read something not too long ago that said if you keep cleaning and organizing the same spaces then that's not your problem. The problem is that you have too much stuff. This was my light bulb moment and I started thinking about the areas I have cleaned and organized and those spaces that I have had major purges in, I've noticed have continued to stay clean; places like my desk and my master closet. So I have started the purge and I started in my cleaning closet. I had cleaning supplies scattered through four different areas of my home and now I have them in one location and I'm sharing with you how I organized my cleaning supplies. I'm letting you in on what worked for me and maybe it will work for you too!

Tips and Tricks to Help You Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

What better way to start getting cleaning and organizing than to start by organizing my cleaning supplies. I am fortunate that I have a walk-in cleaning closet that provides a fair amount of space to work with. 

In the seven years we've lived here I've mostly just piled things inside of it and never really made the best use of the space. That is going to change!

1. Remove Everything

Start by removing everything. You won't know what you have inside until you start pulling everything out. 

2. Deep Clean

Deep clean your space. I used my AutoRight Steam Machine {it's good for more than just detailing your car at home!} to clean the baseboards and trim. I wiped down all the inside surfaces and vacuumed. 

3. Get the Proper Organizing Tools

I love my SteamMachine and use it for cleaning nearly everything in my home. I used the SteamMachine Storage Organizer to help me organize all of my attachments plus then some. It does come with over the door hooks for easy installation, but I had the room on the wall so I hung it with some nails. 
It's important to have some of your most used cleaning supplies in something that gives you quick access to the tools you need and this organizer does that. 
It's also important to add other storage solutions, like these plastic bins that allow you to group like items together in easy to access drawers. 

4. Keep Only What You Need

This is the key as you start to move supplies back into your space. Keep only what you need and get rid of the rest! We have a very active buy nothing group in our area so I'm able to gift supplies I no longer needed to my neighbors through an easy to access Facebook page. You know what they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!

5. Make Sure it Makes Sense

My organization may not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me. For example, I use vinegar a lot in my cleaning and I had been storing it in my pantry. I realized that didn't make sense if I was using it more often for cleaning than organizing, so I moved it into my cleaning closet.
I also had a drawer full of rags in my kitchen and instead of sorting out the "good" kitchen washcloths from the rags for cleaning, I decided to move those to a drawer in my cleaning closet. Do what makes sense.
I also have a bucket that has all of the supplies that are needed for cleaning our bathrooms. Bathroom cleaning is a chore that each of the kids does, and instead of selecting the cleaning supplies from a drawer unsure what to pick, they can now just grab a bucket full of everything they need ready to go!

I feel so much more organized now and everything I need is within reach. It's no longer spread out through my house in various closets and for the first time, this catch-all space now has purpose as a space with my organized cleaning supplies.

I'd love to hear your tips. How do you organize your supplies? For more cleaning hacks, read this post on HomeRight's website.

disclaimer: this post is written by me on behalf of HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love.


Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE reading organization tip type posts! I struggle on a constant basis on making my small apartment tidy and organized, but it's so hard. With 2 adults, 2 small children and a cat, I often have to be creative. Right now our cleanign closet acts also as a closet to store/hoard junk, and so I really just need to sit down and find better ways to keep it altogether OR chuck it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

FortheLoveofFood said...

I have made a promise to be more organized this year. Thanks for these great tips especially the storage organizer!

kim said...

This is super helpful! I can sure use all the help I can get when it comes to organization!

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