Smart Ways For Your Teen To Find Volunteer Hours

There are plenty of great reasons to get your teen to volunteer. Whether they choose to volunteer their time helping out at a food bank, community park, local school or somewhere else, they’ll discover the importance of giving back to their community and helping others while learning valuable skills. As an added bonus, they may even benefit from the experience when applying for colleges or scholarships. If you’re not sure how to help your teen find ways to volunteer, I can help! Here are a few smart ways your teen can find opportunities to give back and volunteer their time.

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Smart Ways For Your Teen To Find Volunteer Hours

Encourage them to look into clubs at school 

Many high schools host after-school clubs, and a handful of those groups are typically service-oriented organizations. Key Club and Leo Club are two of the more well-known and widespread ones, but your teen’s school may have other groups that support local causes or give back in some way. These clubs find opportunities for students to get involved and give back by completing projects in their communities.

If nothing exists at your teen’s school, they may want to consider leading the effort to start something up!

Explore websites that list volunteer opportunities 

A quick search on Idealist, Do Something or VolunteerMatch can be a great way for your teen to uncover opportunities to give back. Some calls for volunteers will include allowable ages - I’d recommend reaching out to those who don’t to confirm your teen’s old enough to help before showing up.

Seek out ways to volunteer as a family

Giving back together can be a wonderful and meaningful way to spend a weekend. Instead of watching television, find a way to get out and make the world a slightly better place. Sign up for a formal volunteer opportunity or see who can collect the most litter on a stroll through a nearby park.

Look for opportunities that align with their ideal jobs 

Some teens have no idea what career they want to pursue, and that’s perfectly fine. But for those who have an inkling or a desire to head down a certain path, finding a way to gain exposure through volunteering can be a great way to help them determine whether or not it’s truly for them. If your teen is considering the medical profession, sign them up to volunteer at a hospital. Do they want to become a vet or work with animals? Volunteering at a shelter or a zoo can be great exposure to the less glamorous side of these often-romanticized jobs.

Finding volunteer opportunities for your teen isn’t as easy as finding ways to give back as an adult, but with a little effort, you’ll uncover plenty of ways your teen can make a positive impact in your community. If your teen volunteers, how do they give back? Leave a comment and let me know!

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