5 Tricks to Decorating on a Budget

I do not claim to be an interior decorator. Heck, I could probably use someone to help me, but I do know how to stick to a budget and replicate high-end looks at a fraction of the price. I have decades of budget decorating under my belt and want to share my secrets so you can decorate on a budget too! Here are 5 of my best tricks for decorating on a budget. 

mango wood and metal coffee table

5 Tips to Decorating on a Budget

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1. Paint

Paint will forever and always be the easiest way to transform a room. Paint is fairly inexpensive and in not much time, you can make a room look totally different with a coat of paint. Consider painting trim or an accent wall to make a major change. Painting furniture that you don't have the money to replace is also another great place to start. 

mango wood and metal coffee table and neutral couch

2. Shop Around

I spend time shopping at the high-end stores I know I will never buy from just so I can get an idea of what I'm looking for. I take photos and create a pin board on Pinterest of items I like so that I can compare them to the items that are more in my price point when I find them. 

When I started thinking about purchasing a new sectional for our living room, I sat on so many different sofas. I thought I wanted a down-filled sofa when in reality, it was down-wrapped that I found more comfortable and felt like would stand up to our families everyday use. I would have never known this if I hadn't spent time shopping at various furniture stores and talking with salespeople to get their advice and opinions. 

Once you know what you are looking for, you can start shopping at your favorite affordable furniture and accessory stores. One of my new favorites is Casa Gear {I love free shipping and the easy 30-day return policy}. I also like to pick up small decor items at Home Goods and TJ MAXX.

cozy living room craftsman style

3. Don't Skimp on Quality

Just because you are on a budget, doesn't mean that you have to buy budget furniture. We have a family that really uses all of the spaces in our home. I want to make sure that I buy high-quality items at a fraction of the price so I'm not constantly replacing something.

Many budget furniture items are made with look-alike wood products like particle board. Solid wood furniture will have the strength to hold up for many years. It will be more of a challenge to find those solid wood pieces on a budget because they usually cost more, but it's worth the hunt and you will be glad you shopped around to find it.

I chose this mango wood coffee table for our living room and I love it. Mango wood is a solid wood but it's also a great choice if you are looking for a sustainable solution. It's also water resistant and much more affordable because it's a wood item that is so readily available. 

craftsman style living room on a budget with mixed wood and metals

4. Shop Your House

You may just find what you need for the room you are decorating by shopping in your own home. By relocating some of your existing pieces, they may take on a whole new look. Furniture and accessories are really very versatile.

If there are items you don't love for your space anymore, consider selling them on sites like Craigslist or Offer Up and using the profits toward the budget of a new item. There is no reason to keep items in your home you don't love in your space, why not make money on them.

5. Don't Decorate All at Once

If you take on too many redesigning projects at once you may end up blowing your budget. If you give yourself the mindset that it may be a slow process, you will allow yourself the time to hunt for the best deals. 

If I am redoing a whole room, I like to shop for one item at a time. That makes the whole task more manageable. It also makes searching websites less overwhelming. Many websites like Casa Gear have filters that make narrowing down your options much easier. Use them!

mixed metal and wood for a neutral living room design

It's not easy working with a budget, but you will be so grateful that you managed once the room comes together. Do you have any budget decorating tips you would add I'd love to hear them!

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Casa Gear. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love. Promise.

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