DIY Rosemary Place-card Wreath

I don't host Thanksgiving. We normally have around 50 of us around a table, so decorating and doing fancy little touches like these DIY rosemary place card wreaths, just isn't possible, but that doesn't mean it's not any less fun to play around with them this time of year and put together some fun tablescapes. But maybe you do. And maybe you are looking for a fun way to add a little festive touch to your holiday table. These DIY rosemary wreaths would be perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas. They will last up to 4 or 5 days so you can make them ahead of time for your next holiday party. I've got the full tutorial. It's easy!
rosemary holiday wreath

DIY Rosemary Placecard Wreath

rosemary holiday wreath
Start by cutting off about 8-9 inches of your rosemary plant. I obviously don't trim my plant enough, so it grew a little crazy, so your best bet is to find the straightest branch possible.
Sometimes Trader Joe's carries really cheap {like under $5 cheap} rosemary plants in their fresh herb section. You can use that for these for sure.
I soaked my cuttings in the sink for about an hour to make them less brittle and more pliable.

Remove your rosemary cutting from the water and dry them off on a towel.

Use floral wire to secure the two ends together in a circle. This floral wire is a great size and still easy enough to bend with your hands.

rosemary holiday wreath

Use jute or bakers twine to make a bow to cover the floral wire.

rosemary holiday wreath

Add a piece of paper cut into a flag shape and write the name with a fine sharpie or my favorite Tombow brush pen.

tutorial for thanksgiving or christmas tablescape
These would even make beautiful gift toppers for a present don't you think? They are beautiful and easy and so very festive. Try them this holiday season and let me know what you think!

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