Easy DIY Velvet Acorn for your Fall or Thanksgiving Tablescape

A few weeks ago when my husband and I took a quick trip through NYC, one of the must see's on our list was to stroll through Central Park. While we were exploring...ok fine, while I was waiting for my husband in the bathroom, I found a whole pile of acorn tops. I started picking them up and putting them into my purse. I'm not much of a souvenir person. Sure, I like collecting things from where I've been, but I don't want to just collect things for the sake of collecting them. It was then that I realized that I could make a pretty cool souvenir with the acorn tops.  I could display them in the fall and they would remind me of our trip to NYC. You don't have to travel to Central Park to make these DIY velvet acorns, but you will probably need to take a stroll to your local park or in your backyard to get started.

DIY Velvet Acorns for Your Fall or Thanksgiving Tablescape

Central Park NYC souvenir

I like using what I have so I started by rifling through my fabric stash. I found this old velvet pillow cover I got at a garage sale and decided since I wasn't using it for a pillow, that I'd use it instead for these acorns. I also had some suede leftover from a project, and I used that as well. You won't need much fabric. A fat quarter will serve you well.

I used a small circle lid to cut out a bunch of circles. I did make a few larger circles and some smaller circles just to mix it up a bit.

I used a needle and a thread and stitched around the whole outside edge of the circle. If hand sewing is new to you, this is the perfect beginner project!

Knot your thread and make small running stitches along the edge. Tug gently as you go gathering the fabric. Before you make your final tug, stuff a cotton ball in the middle. Give a final tug on your thread and close up the top as tight as possible. I knotted the end of the thread and cut it.

Use a hot glue gun and fill the acorn top before pressing the top of your sewn velvet in. Make sure you poke the edges of the velvet in so the acorn cap is in place and it's a seamless connection.

That's it! It's super easy to make these and they are a beautiful addition to any fall or Thanksgiving table.

central park new york city souvenir

central park NYC

I love that these have some sentimental meaning from our trip, but most of all, I love how they were an easy DIY that would make a great addition to any table.  

Whip up a whole bowl full and use them to decorate this holiday season.

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