10 Items to Stock Up on at After Christmas Sales

I love a good sale. After holiday sales are sometimes my most favorite sales all year long. I can get a head start on saving for the coming year. I honestly think that by shopping sales AFTER Christmas, it usually prepares me better for the next Christmas season. It makes my to-do list a little shorter and I save some money doing it too. I usually stock up the day after a holiday {and in the weeks after as the markdowns keep coming!} and wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on a few of my favorite things that I stock up on. Here's a list of the 10 items that you should stock up on at those after Christmas sales.

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10 Items to Stock Up on at After Christmas Sales

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What to stock up on after Christmas

1. Wrapping Supplies

Call me crazy, but I love matching Christmas paper. In my dream world, every person has their own Christmas wrapping paper and it coordinates under the tree. But it's not just wrapping paper that I stock up on, I also stock up on tape, bows and gift tags. You can use tape all year long, so make sure you buy lots of it!

2. Packing Supplies

Boxes, packaging tape, and shipping envelopes are plentiful in the markdown section but can be used all year long.

*you can usually wait a few weeks for the 75-90% off sale for bows, boxes, and gift tags. They are usually plentiful at most stores and people don't think about stocking up on these items, so they usually linger in the clearance bin for a bit.

3. Holiday Staples

The holidays bring with it a lot of Christmas printed items {think sandwich bags and paper towels} and red and green everything. My grocery store even has some of the baking essentials {think flour and sugar} in printed holiday bags and something tells me those will be discounted just after Christmas. I don't know about you, but I don't mind using peppermint soap in my bathroom well into the spring if I get it for 50% off or more!

**look beyond the package! While the bag the plastic silverware comes in may be printed festively, the inside items can be used all year long.

4. Packaged Gifts

A good holiday gift set makes the perfect neighbor or hostess gift. These are usually in abundant supply after the holidays and no retailer wants to keep them around for too long, so they get marked down pretty quickly. 

**think outside the box, just because an item has holiday packaging doesn't mean you can't unpack it and repackage it for a unique gift for say, Valentine's day or a teacher appreciation gift.

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5. Christmas Decor

I love decorating, especially for the holidays, and when I stock up on Christmas decor it's like a surprise when I unpack it the following year. Keep a list of the things you might need {does your pre-lit tree need a new strand of lights?} the following year and buy those now when it's on deep discount. The worst part about stocking up on holiday decor now is that you have to store it for a full year before you need it again, but usually, the discount makes it worth it in the end.

**some discounted holiday decor can be used year round. Look for items that are versatile and not necessarily holiday-themed decor items.

6. Christmas Trees

While I love a real Christmas tree, after Christmas is also the best time to stock up on an artificial tree if you are considering it. We've bought a few artificial trees and each time it's been on deep discount after the holidays. 

**consider the floor models at a store for an even bigger discount.

7. Holiday Crafts

I love a good holiday craft and so do my kids. I have been known to pick up a packaged craft set and slip it into our holiday decor box so when we open and unpack the following year, we have a fun Christmas craft we can work on. 

8. Beauty Items

Beauty items are popular holiday gifts and most of the time you can find deep discounts on them after the holidays. Keep your eye out for nail polish, bath sets, and perfume that has a long shelf life and can make great gifts all through the year.

9. Pajamas

So many people buy matching holiday pajamas for their family it seems which means stores are overstocked with comfy PJs, many of which can be worn year round. It's a great time to stock up for the whole family when they go on sale.

10. Stocking Stuffers and toys

There are a few holidays that are just around the corner where stocking stuffers can suddenly do double duty as Valentine's day gift or Easter basket filler. Your kids may have plenty of toys from their list after the holidays, but that doesn't mean there won't be a shortage of birthday parties on the calendar in the new year. The toy aisles can be overflowing with discounts as stores try to get rid of their inventory.

Don't just shop the holiday clearance section. Make sure you wander all the aisles. You will find discounts where you least expect them sometimes. I always make sure I check the end caps of the aisles in the beauty aisles and the paper and cleaning supply section. Don't miss the stationery aisles either for some of the discounts on items that may not have made their way back to the sale section. 

What do you stock up on after the holidays? I'd love to hear it! Comment below or tag me on social media {@msrachelteodoro} when you are out hunting for deals.

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