Rudolph Repair Kit Printable with Free Printable Bag Topper

There is nothing more fun than the magic of Christmas. Kids love to use their imaginations and they love the traditions that the holiday brings. I know when my kids were younger, I was always looking for easy holiday gifts to give to their friends or to stuff in stockings, and these Rudolph repair kits are the perfect thing for this time of year. You can easily create enough for a whole classroom celebration, for a simple and fun craft for a group or make a few just for fun. They are easy and everyone is sure to love them!

classroom christmas craft

Rudolph Repair Kit with Free Printable Bag Topper

Christmas party printable bag topper

Rudolph Repair Kit


     Red round candies like M & M’s{or this cheaper version}
     Printable “Rudolph Repair Kit” gift tag {for personal use only}


Cut out the printable “Rudolph Repair Kit” gift tag. You can use scissors, but for straight edges, I like using this cutter. 

Place some red round candies into the bottom of each clear plastic gift bag.

Fold over the top of each bag and staple it closed. 

christmas party

Place the printable gift tag over the top of each bag, and use a staple in each corner to secure it to the bag.

classroom christmas party PTA

classroom holiday party

You can fit 10 of the printable tags on each page so you can whip these out for a crowd in no time! 

I can think of a few people in my life that would love these. How about you? 

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