DIY Faux Hand-Lettered Holiday Scroll Wall Hanging

I know this isn't a new confession if you are a long-time blog reader, but Christmas music is not my favorite. There are few songs that make the short list of allowable holiday songs, but O Holy Night is one of them. Every year it seems a different line of that song sticks out to me as one to focus on and this year, the line "and the soul felt its worth" is that line I can't shake. What a powerful line! So much so, that I wanted to hang it in my home somewhere. I was shopping at a holiday market and saw some beautiful kraft paper scrolls and knew that I could replicate it quite easily for a fraction of the price using a line that was meaningful to me. So with packaging paper from the dollar store and a few supplies I had on hand, I made a DIY hand-lettered sign minus the hand lettering. 

As much as I try, I can't seem to make my writing produce the beautiful script, and I revisited a chalkboard hack I shared with you years ago to create this faux hand-lettered scroll wall hanging. See how I created this large holiday wall hanging for around $1!

kraft paper scroll Christmas craft
Christmas dollar store craft

Easy DIY Hand-Lettered Holiday Scroll Wall Hanging

christmas dollar store craft
I started by picking up a roll of packaging paper from the Dollar Tree. In hindsight, I wish I had cut the roll a few inches shorter. 

If you want to cut your wrapping paper shorter before using it, measure out the length that you want and then take a piece of masking tape and tape around the paper when it's in the plastic packaging. Use a chop saw to make a clean cut through the whole roll. 

I am obviously not the only one who loves this line from this popular Christmas song. I found a free printable from Home Made Lovely that I wanted to use. As you can see the printable is a little bit larger than a normal 8 1/2 x 11" paper. In fact, I blew it up and taped four pages of paper together to make the print a little larger.
I would tell you how I did the printing to four pages thing, but man, honestly, I just googled it and then screwed up a time or two before I finally got it right. I'm sure you could even send your print into the office store and have it printed as an engineer print for a few dollars instead of my cantankerous way.
Regardless, I got a copy of an image I wanted to use and prepared it so it was ready to be transferred to my "scroll" in the most genius of hand-lettering hacks.

I used chalk to rub all along the back. you want to leave chalk dust in the areas of the lettering because the chalk is what will transfer your image to the scroll paper.

Line up your image where you want it on your kraft paper. Remember to leave a fair amount of paper at the top to roll up like a scroll. I put a book down at the top to hold the paper in place.

Use a sharp pencil and trace the outer edges of the letter that you want to be transferred. Make sure you are pressing down hard so that the chalk transfers to the paper below.

DIY Faux Hand-Lettered Holiday Scroll Wall Hanging

Once you've used the pencil to trace the letters, remove the paper and check out your chalk outline.

DIY Faux Hand-Lettered Holiday Scroll Wall Hanging

I like these liquid chalk markers. I used black and started by outlining the letters.  Once you outline the letters, fill them in with your chalk marker and let them dry for a few minutes. It shouldn't take long but you don't want it to smear.

DIY Faux Hand-Lettered Holiday Scroll Wall Hanging

I used a staple on each side of the roll to hold the roll at the top and on the bottom in place.

I used a piece of twine tied to the chalk marker to act as a shuttle to thread the twine through the top of the scroll. I tied it together and used a nail to hang my scroll.

o holy night dollar store christmas craft

I really like how it turned out, but like I said earilier, I'd probably either make the font bigger or cut the scroll a little to make the words look less centered and small and more like it was filling the paper.

o holy night dollar store craft
The scroll paper was only a dollar. I'll probably make another one that is less holiday themed to hang here once Christmas is over.
o holy night christmas song
But for now, I like how it turned out and I love the reminder of the song when I see it daily. Oh, and did you see my flocked Christmas trees in Target One Spot coffee mugs? Yep, I made those with shaving cream and supplies from the dollar store too. 

As you can see, I shop at Dollar Tree quite often. I'm kind of an expert. So don't miss my series on what not to buy at the dollar store

It's only a buck, but man, you worked hard to watch that buck go to waste!
Do you have a line from a Christmas song you would want to try this scroll wall hanging out with? Comment below and tell me what you are thinking.

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