Don't Miss Out on This Matthew 25 Challenge

Last week I came to you with a little challenge. Together, we will be joining in a week-long text challenge through World Vision called The Matthew 25 Challenge. It's easy for me to get comfortable and forget that there are families that struggle to have even the most basic necessities like clean water. I can easily forget that nearly 1600 children under the age of five die every day because of diarrhea from dirty drinking water. I can ignore the headlines about refugees and seek out the gossip in the entertainment section. I can scroll through Instagram and be totally oblivious to anything happening anywhere beyond those squares. 

Let's quit ignoring these things but instead challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and grow as individuals. Let's take the resources available and join in this challenge with our children because when we know better, we can do better. 

Want to know more? Read on!

woman on cell phone as part of a text challenge

Join the Matthew 25 Challenge with Rachel Teodoro

women in africa walking with water on their heads

Why Join the Matthew 25 Challenge?

I believe it's hard for us to even understand the challenges that our brothers and sisters around the world face on a daily basis. How can we understand what it's like to walk miles and miles for dirty water that makes us sick when all we have to do is turn on our faucet? It's challenging to understand famine when we have never had to go hungry, truly hungry a day in our lives. Can we even wrap our minds around the idea of having to flee our home because of government violence not knowing if we would ever be able to return?

And how do we teach these things to our children if we don't fully understand it ourselves?

As part of the Matthew 25 challenge, you are going to be invited to step out of your comfort zone with daily challenges, stories of children from around the world and reflection questions so that you can process what you are seeing and hearing.
These challenges will enable you to have real honest discussions about the worlds issues with your friends and family and will give you the resources you need to take action.
girls in africa walking for water

We will be in this together! 

This challenge starts on February 25 and lasts for one week. If you join it with me, you won't be going it alone. You will have a whole community sharing in this #m25challenge together.

I want all of you to take part in this challenge!

Print the challenge schedule off and put it on your fridge as a reminder of the daily challenges

Download the family activity guide

Text M25 to 44888 RIGHT NOW to opt in for our February 25, 2019 challenge

Simply enter M25 in the subject line of your text and 44888 just like you would a phone number. Select the start date option of February 25.

**If for any reason you are asked to enter a church name simply enter RachelT because we are in this together.

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Find out more about World Vision

I can't wait to be challenged together! 

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Simply enter M25 in the subject line of your text and 44888 just like you would a phone number. Select the start date option of February 25.

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