Simple Paint Update on Fireplace Finials

I've been trying to inspire my readers for years to think outside of the box and look at how something old and dated that would otherwise be cast off, could up be upcycled to fit into your home. Not only is it a good way to use what you have or even to pick up something for a deep discount at a thrift shop or garage sale, but it also keeps more waste out of landfills. I found these two large wooden finials at a garage sale this past summer and knew a coat of paint would do them a world of good. Sometimes, that's literally all it takes to update an item. I'm hoping that this post will inspire you to think outside of the box and pick up something you would otherwise consider dated and give it a transformation with some paint, just like I did with these fireplace finials. 

wood home decor before and after

Simple Paint Update on Fireplace Finials

wood home decor upcycle

In my head, I keep calling these fireplace finials, but only because I'm using them to flank my fireplace. I'm not sure exactly what they are, other than some home decor item, but they are large and substantial and I couldn't pass them up for a few bucks at a local garage sale. They look like they came from Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware and if I'm honest, I rarely buy anything directly from either of those stores, though I do love their products. I'm just too cheap. 

Pretty much the only way I will buy something from one of those stores is if it's on super deep discount like this Restoration Hardware entertainment center was, or if I find it at a garage sale or on Craigslist or something. 

wood home decor surround fireplace

I knew just by looking at these, that a coat of paint would update these a bit and make them more of something that I was drawn to in my home.

wood home decor

It doesn't take a lot of paint when you use high-quality products like these folk art home decor chalk and wax paints.

You can follow this tutorial if you want some tips on how to paint furniture or furniture items.

I love using chalk paints because there is very little prep involved. You can literally just start painting and well friends, that's kind of how I roll. I hate the prep work and don't get me started on sanding!

folk art chalk paint and wax

The key when using chalk paint is to use a dry high-quality brush. Apply really thin coats and let it dry between.

painted white wood home decor in craftsman home

I always like a more rustic finish. This sometimes means I also need to use sandpaper {the worst!} but I like the end result.

If you have started with a darker wood underneath, that wood usually comes through on the edges as you sand leaving a really cool effect.

Since this is a decor item, I skipped the waxing. I knew there wouldn't be cups or other items sitting on top. The wax can seal the paint, but if you use dark wax, it can also give you that same effect that the sanding did for me. This would be something you might want to seek out if you weren't working with a solid wood item that had a dark base before you painted it.

wood home decor

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What do you think? Think you can update something with a little paint? 

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I'm hoping this left you inspired to take something you think would be dated and slap a coat of paint on it. If you were going to donate it anyway, why not see if you can test your skills?

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