How to Save Money on Coffee at Starbucks

How to Save Money on Coffee at Starbucks

Are you looking to save money on coffee at Starbucks? It’s actually easier to save money at Starbucks than you would think. Anyone that stops at this famous coffee shop knows that the coffee is good, but it can also be pricey. I actually love Starbucks because it's one of my "local" coffee shops since it's a Seattle-based company. Starbucks is well known for its delicious iced coffees, brewed coffees, and frappuccinos. Here is how to save money on coffee at Starbucks.

Saving Money at Starbucks

Starbucks Rewards

The best way to save money is always through the company itself. Starbucks has an app called Starbucks Rewards. Every time you use the app, you get points to earn free items. The rewards program is even revamped, which means it’s easier to use. You earn 2 stars for every dollar you spend. Those points can add up to free products, which really can help you save the most money.

The rewards program also offers double star days and half-priced happy hour as well as some star dash rewards, so keep an eye on your inbox so you can get those reward points faster!

Get Those Free Refills

When you spend money at Starbucks, you probably don’t realize that you can get free refills on brewed coffee. How great is that? So, if you’re sitting in Starbucks and drinking you brewed coffee, make sure you go over and get a refill. This can help you save money because you can doctor up the coffee however you like it.

This also works for any of the brewed teas too. I love the passion fruit tea {iced or hot!} with lemonade. Free refills are my favorite!

Bring in Your Own Cup

Because Starbucks is eco-friendly, they like to reward those who think the same way. Bring in your reusable cup to Starbucks and you can save 10 cents. Of course, this won’t make you rich, but it’s a good start to saving money at this coffee establishment. Plus, all the little ways of saving really do add up.

Ask for Free Water

Something you should know about Starbucks is that they give you free water. All you have to do is ask for it! You can get any size water you want too. Venti, grande, or even tall. Most of the time, you could just ask for the water, even if you don’t buy anything. On a hot day or when I’m really thirsty, I’ll choose to go to Starbucks because I know I can get a drink and free water.

No Water Added

Starbucks does add water to some of its drinks. One of the drinks that Starbucks adds water to is iced tea. You can get the full product by making sure you ask for no water added. The iced tea is pre-steeped, but when water is added, it’s watered down. Avoid the watered-down version by asking for no water added.

Ask for the Trenta Size

If you plan on getting a Venti, ask for a Trenta. It’s a little bigger and doesn’t cost much more. Most people don’t know about the Trenta size, but it can help you save money in the long run. You’re already paying for a bigger size, spend a few cents more and get even more. Trenta cups are 31 ounces.

Free Whipped Cream Cup

If you have a kiddo or a puppy that wants a treat, it’s time to ask for a free whipped cream cup. This cup is a nice little treat, but it doesn’t cost you anything. If your kiddo is bugging you to get them something or your puppy is giving you those sad eyes, free whipped cream it is. It’s always nice to get a sweet treat without spending more money. This way, you can also buy your coffee without feeling guilty.

Add Milk and Sugar to Your Own Drink

When you pay for a latte or even a Chai tea, you’re really paying for the convenience of allowing them to add to it. Order the coffee, espresso, or tea and add your own cream or sugar to the drink. Just make sure you ask them to leave room. Or take a few drinks in the store and make your own room!

Ask for No Ice or Light Ice

I love a good iced coffee or tea, but ice can take up a lot of room! If I'm just heading home and can add my own ice, I'll ask for no ice in an iced drink or if I'm out I'll ask for light ice. It makes a difference and you get more to drink!

Starbucks has delicious coffee, but there is no reason to pay an excessive amount of money to enjoy it. These tips will help you save on coffee at Starbucks. Plus, not going very often will also help you to save money. 

What’s your favorite way to save money at Starbucks?

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I save money at Starbucks by not going. I'll use my Keurig coffee maker for my coffee.

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