Benefits of One-on-One Travel With Kids

As a travel enthusiast, I have ventured all around the globe, including family vacations and solo travel. Traveling has made me realize how much I value experiences and how much more I treasure them when I share them with others. I just got back from a trip to France with my daughter, and the year before that, I took my son to Alaska on a cruise. While these may be a bit more lavish than your budget, traveling 1-on-1 with your kids can have many benefits!


Benefits of One-on-One Travel With Kids


Help your kids out of their comfort zone

When we travel, I see a different side of my kids. Whether trying a new kind of cuisine or a unique experience, your kids are more likely to take some risks while on vacation than when they are at home! We don't take a lot of public transportation in our suburban area, but after a few weeks in Europe, my daughter felt more comfortable navigating our local Amtrak rail lines to visit her boyfriend a few hours away. Help your kids step outside their comfort zone and try something new. They’ll be a lot more willing to get out of their comfort zone with you and them.

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Create lasting memories with your kids

Some of my best memories are from the trips I’ve taken, and traveling with my kids has been no exception. When we go on these trips together, we build memories that my kids won’t forget. Some day they may tell their kids about the misadventures from our cruise to Alaska or how perfectly imperfect our trip to France was. Your kids will remember the experience of being in those places far more than the souvenir you bring them back or something from their everyday lives.

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benefits of travel with kids

Get out of the regular routine

As a family, we can sometimes get stuck in the same old routine of doing the same thing daily at home. When you travel, you break out of your regular routine and try something different. Your kids might sleep until noon at home but are early risers seeking adventure on vacation. Instead of just doing the same thing you do at home, try something new and make your routine something you do at home, not while on vacation.


Bond with your kids

My favorite part of taking my kids with me on 1-on-1 trips is the bonding time I get with them. Without their siblings or my spouse being there, I get a lot more personal time with them. Sure we spend time as a family when everyone comes along too, but it’s a different kind of bonding when it’s just you and them. You’ll talk more, spend more time together, and even learn a bit more about each other in the process.


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Give them Confidence

Traveling allows the world to feel just a little bit smaller, and navigating through airports, on rail lines, and around the globe allows your kids to gain confidence. Some of the experiences we navigate for the first time together, but my hope is, that they will take the confidence with them so they can be lifelong travelers around the globe. 

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Traveling with your kids is not just a great way to help them see the world, but for you to experience it with them! These trips with my kids are ones that I will cherish my whole life, and I know they will too! Even if you can’t go somewhere as grand as France, you can still take weekend trips to another city or a day trip to the beach. Just taking the time to create shared experiences is the best gift you can give them!

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