Preparing for a Bucket List Trip and What to Know When You Take It

What is your bucket list trip? The answer to this question is as unique as the person who is asking it. However, what is true for any trip is that a little bit of advanced prep can help make sure that your trip is everything you dreamed it would be. If you are taking a bucket list trip, here is how to prepare and eventually take that trip of your dreams.

bucket list trip prep tips

Preparing for a Bucket List Trip 

bucket list trip tips

Why do you want to go?

The first question you need to ask yourself is why you want to go there in the first place? Going to Hawaii is a great bucket list idea. But are you going because of the sandy beaches or for the sightseeing? Or perhaps a mix of both is your ideal trip. Knowing why a destination makes your list will ensure that you plan a trip around what experiences you want to do to make the trip more memorable.

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Don’t leave your must-do things to chance

While there are some places you’ll be able to visit again in the future, hopping on a plane and flying halfway across the world might be the kind of thing you only do once or twice in your life. Because of this, you don’t want to miss out on any of your must-dos. If you’ve been dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower, do your research. Make sure you know about all the experiences and when you can visit so that you don’t get to Paris during your trip and can’t see the place you’ve been dreaming of.

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Look for ways to save

Regardless of whether or not you are traveling on a budget, you can look for ways to make your dollars stretch further. These extra savings could be more days spent in your bucket list destination and it just might allow you to do more things. Driving instead of flying {depending on gas prices}, packing your own food, or camping instead of staying in a hotel could be just the kind of savings you need to be able to make this trip fit into your budget.

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Pack smart

Organization is key. Make sure that you are bringing plenty of everything from clothes to chargers. The last thing you want is a dead phone when you finally make it to your must see spot, or no underwear on the last day of your vacation. Consider the purpose of everything you are packing, let that dictate its place in your luggage so you don’t spend most of your vacation digging through your bags to find what you need.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

Unless you are solo traveling, you will likely be traveling with others. Make sure everyone is on board with the things you don’t want to miss and things you are okay skipping out on. This way no one feels disappointed by the trip and you can make sure you have established expectations before you leave.

Be Prepared!

No one expects accidents or emergencies, but they happen. And if either happen on your bucket list trip, you'll want to be prepared! My husband and I have a bucket list trip to Africa planned that is about three weeks long. We are looking into SafetyWing Nomad Insurance. It will allow us to travel to multiple countries with continuous coverage in a four-week long period. Nomad Insurance includes medical and travel insurance and covers things like political evacuation, trip delays, lost luggage and any medical care including dental care. 

They also have insurance for students who are participating in study abroad programs or for nomads who find themselves traveling the world. Not only is Nomad Insurance affordable and flexible they also offer 24/7 support which can be helpful in an emergency in a different time zone! On my bucket list is becoming a nomad traveler and being prepared for all the things including healthcare, not just nailing down your itinerary, is important. 



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No matter what destination makes the top of your bucket list, I hope this post has inspired you to take the leap and go on it! Life is short, so see the world and experience all that it has to offer. And always be prepared for anything! Don't forget to get Nomad Insurance that will cover you where ever you go!

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