Traveling While Leaving Pets Behind

We travel a lot, and one of the hardest parts of those trips is the pets we have to leave behind. Our pets are like an extension of our family, and we want to ensure we do everything we can to make them comfortable and safe while away. It has taken a lot of experimenting, but we have found various options perfect for traveling when we need to leave our pets behind. Here are some of my best suggestions, and I hope they help you too!


Traveling While Leaving Pets Behind


Pet Sitters

If your pet doesn’t do well away from home, or you don’t want to board them while you’re gone, there are a few great pet-sitting options that can work great while you’re away! These pet sitters will come to your house while you’re gone, and minus your absence, your pet doesn’t have to go through the struggle and anxiety of being away from home.



If you don’t know anyone who could pet sit for you, you can find someone online that can do the job! Rover is a service that will help you find the perfect pet sitter for your pet, and you can see reviews and more information before you make your selection. Most Rover sitters are open to a meet and greet before you leave so that you can see if their home is a good fit for your pet. No matter what kind of pet you have sitting at home, odds are there is someone on Rover that can help!

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Ask around for a pet sitter

Do you know a teen or college student looking to make a little extra cash? These can be great options when looking for an inexpensive pet sitter who can stay with or visit your pets while you’re away. For a teen or college student, just the thought of having a space of their own and a fluffy friend for a while might be payment enough!

Plus, having someone at your home while you are gone helps keep burglars at bay. 

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Have your pet stay with a friend

Does your pet have a bestie with another dog or cat they can visit for a while? This is the best option because your pet will get an extended play date! If you’re going away, see if they can host your pet for a while. Just make sure to bring the essentials, so they don’t have to worry about it. Remember to return the favor.


Boarding your Pets

Another option for pets is to have them boarded while you are away. This might be the best option if you don’t think they’ll do well with strangers or without you. Check your area for kennels, pet hotels, or a boarding facility that is within your budget and that you think your pet will be most comfortable at. Some vets even have around-the-clock care and boarding options too.


Take your furry friend with you

If you’re staying at a pet-friendly resort, why not consider taking your furry friend with you? Often, those places will have accommodations that work well with pets, and they don’t have to be left behind! This isn’t always an option, but it could be worth considering if it is.

I often narrow my search when I'm looking for rentals to find pet-friendly accommodations. There is often an extra fee involved, but you'll get to have your pet with you when you are traveling. 

One of our favorite local resort towns is Seabrook, WA. We love it because it is so dog-friendly from dog parks to pet toys, leashes, and bowls in the rentals. It's one of our favorite places to take our pups.

Note: Some pet-friendly rentals will request that your animals not be left alone. So if you have an adventure planned on vacation that doesn't include them, consider doggy day care from Rover in the area you are traveling to. 

If you’re traveling, don’t forget about your furry friends back home! These suggestions will help you easily travel, knowing your pets are in good hands.

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