Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

As the holiday seasons starts to draw near, you can get a real sense of anticipation filling the air. For many, this is a time that is synonymous with cherished traditions, gathering with loved ones, and a time for togetherness. As our children grow into teenagers and young adults, these traditions might start looking different. The toys they once wanted are replaced by different desires, and the cozy family moments can be elusive when they're away at college or starting their own family traditions. In the midst of these traditions, one tradition that can bridge that gap and continue to foster the holiday spirit is the advent calendar. 

An Advent calendar is more than a simple countdown to Christmas; it's a ritual that helps to pull the magic of the holiday season together. I've noticed a real takeover of the Advent calendar tradition with teens and young adults in the past few years, and this post is going to explore a fun new spin on the holiday tradition of counting down the days. Even if your teens or young adults aren't home with you, they can still be a part of the holiday tradition. You're sure to find something for everyone in this list!

advent calendar gift ideas for teens and young adults

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Teens and Young Adults


When my kids were small, an Advent calendar was a daily surprise, a small treasure to unwrap and an easy way to keep track of how many more days they had to wait in anticipation. I love that there are lots of new clever Advent calendars that help teens and young adults carry on the tradition. It's a good way to keep the magic alive, even if the magic isn't all about a jolly man in a red suit!

Advent calendars, reimagined for an older audience, offer the perfect solution. These calendars ditch the small {not very good} chocolates and cartoon characters in favor of a little bit more sophistication. They encompass everything from beauty products to gourmet treats. 

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Speciality Foods and Drink Advent Calendars

Food and drink aficionados can opt for gourmet Advent calendars featuring an array of delightful treats. These calendars often include artisanal chocolates, premium teas, craft beers or fine wines. They make each day a celebration of the palate, introducing new flavors and sensations as December progresses. It's a delightfully fun way for young adults to explore their culinary interests and share unique tastes with family and friends.

Here are my top Gourmet Food Advent Calendar Picks:

12 Days of Winter Wonder:
12 days of Savory meat sticks and nuts

Gourmet Caramel Advent Calendar
24 doors, with an award winning caramel behind every door.

Sugarfina Candy Shop
This isn't your dollar store candy shop, you get gourmet candy with elevated flavors.

Amish Country Popcorn
If you've got a popcorn lover, this is a great way to try 8 different kernels and 4 different seasonings.

Coffees, Teas and Cocoa
This has a little taste for everyone! 

Pro tip: Keep your eyes out at places like Costco, Trader Joe's, Target and speciality grocery stores for more fun Advent calendar sets. Gourmet Advent sets often sell out quickly, so if you see them when you're shopping, buy them! 


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Beauty Advent Calendars

Beauty Advent calendars are incredibly popular among teens and young adults. It gives them an opportunity to sample makeup, skincare or grooming products and helps them look their best during the holiday season. Many repulate beauty brands now offer curated Advent calendars with full-sized and deluxe-sized products. 

Here are my top Beauty Advent Calendar Picks:

Rituals Advent Luxury Set
This one is spendy, but it has 24 luxury gifts inside. It also has a fun non-traditional look, making it different from the rest.

L'Occitane Holiday Classic 
This set has trial sizes of all the classic favorites.

Burt's Bees
12 days of chapsticks, what's not to like about that?

Man's Stuff
The girls shouldn't be the ones having all the fun! 

Ulta, 12 Days of Beauty Countdown
These are limited edition and cruelty free products


Unique Advent Calendars

Jigsaw Puzzle with 24 days 1008 pieces
Every day you open a new box with 42 pieces of the puzzle inside

Book Lovers Advent Calendar
It's hard to buy books for readers, so why not buy them something like this instead? It has things like bookmarks, key rings and funny sayings book lovers can relate to.

Candle Advent Calendar
24 scented tea lights and 1 ceramic candle holder so you can have a candle burning all month long!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
We watched this movie every year as a kid, so this is a bit nostalgic. There are 2" scale nostalgic figures you can add around this classic house.

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Fill Your Own Advent Calendars

Do your own DIY, and use these pre-made calendars to stuff your own countdown.

Dog Advent Calendar
Don't risk allergies, fill this with your pups favorite treats!

Classic Gold with Drawers
This one will be a family keepsake for many years!

Classic Gingerbread Village
These have a bit more room for bigger treats! They can be displayed as a village too.

unique advent calendars

The simple act of sending an Advent calendar to your kids college dorm or apartment can instantly evoke the holiday spirit and keep your kids connected to cherished traditions. For parents, it's a heartwarming gestures that says, "we're still celebrating together, no matter the distance."

You can even include your grown kids in a daily group chat or send them a message or have them send a photo of their Advent calendar door as a daily reminder of the countdown and a way to bridge the connection. 

The Advent calendar is a timeless tradition that will continue to help you stay connected as your teens and young adults grow! 

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