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Get Joanna Gaines fashion style for less

I blame it all on my recent visit to Waco, Texas. I am now obsessed with HGTV's Fixer Upper. You too? Seems like it since y'all {see what I did there?} about blew up the internet reading the exclusive Fixer Upper interview with a client on season 3. The reason I even knew about Fixer Upper is because I had a few people stop me and tell me that I looked like Joanna Gaines. One person clarified and said, I think it's because you guys have the same style. I will take that as a compliment because I love Joanna's style, but I think what they meant is that we seem to have the same neutral wardrobe. It's funny because I buy at least 90% of my clothing at garage sales or thrift shops {you can read more about how to buy second hand clothing and saving on clothes for the whole family}. 

Joanna Gaines style on a budget

So, I decided to peek in my closet and see if I could find similar items and then I went to my favorite on-line thrift shop ThredUp to see if I could pair up the same style for a fraction of the cost so that you can get Joanna Gaines style on a budget.


Paper Magnolia Wreath

I've sort of been on a Fixer Upper fan girl roll lately. It all started on a college trip with my oldest son to Waco where we got to stop in at Magnolia Market. I knew I loved Joanna's style I just didn't know how much I loved it until I left the market wanting every single item in the shop. Then I did a little interview with a season 3 Fixer Upper client and loved getting the inside scoop so much that I found myself googling all things Fixer Upper and binging on past shows. Chip and Joanna Gaines are smart business people who have done a great job with branding. One of the things I looked at while I was at the Magnolia Market was their signature magnolia wreath. At $95 each, it was a bit out of my price range, but they are pretty darn gorgeous. This one is a little less expensive but it still seems like these things are made of unicorn tears!

I decided to come home and make one of my own...with a twist. I used green scrapbook paper and used my silhouette machine to cut out the leaves. The whole thing cost less than $5 to make and I love it. I call that a win!

paper magnolia wreath using the silhouette cameo


Chocolate espresso cupcake with Kahlua creme frosting

Being a blogger is one of the most fun jobs ever! I get to do one of my favorite things {create} and participate in challenges that allow me to think outside of the box.  I'm part of a group of extremely creative bloggers called the Wayfair homemakers and recently we were give the challenge to take a cocktail and create a cupcake out of it. One of my favorite drinks is a mudslide, mostly because it's like a chocolate milkshake with alcohol in it, don't judge. It's delicious. 

mudslide cupcakes

So I immediately thought, how can I make that into a yummy cupcake, and will it really be just as good as the cocktail. I did it and it is just as good, if not better than the cocktail! I know you are going to want to try it yourself!


How to plan the perfect college visit for your high school student

My oldest son is a senior in high school this year and while it feels like just yesterday I was holding his hand walking him into pre-school, it won't be long before I'm packing him up and saying goodbye for months at a time.

Let's not talk about that part though. Let's talk about the fun part where we get to travel and spend time together and make memories and plan futures. That part is fun and not as scary.

If you are in this phase of life with a junior or a senior in high school and college looks like it's in their future, this guide will help you plan the perfect college visit.

college visit


Talk of the Town link party #8

Welcome back to Talk of the Town!

Before we look at this week's wonderful features, here are a few little tips about how to get featured at Talk of the Town, and improve your blog at the same time. We really want to feature you!

How to get your blog featured at link parties - Talk of the Town party tips - www.knickoftime.net

How to Get Featured at Talk of the Town (or any link party!)

As everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's so true for blog photography.
No matter how awesome your project, recipe, or post is, if you don't have great photos, you aren't doing it justice.
Here are some problems we frequently see in photos linked up at the party.
1 - The photos are too small.
I guarantee you, you are more likely to get featured if your photos are LARGER.
We frequently see great projects we'd love to feature, but the photos are just too small.
2 - The photos are either too dark, or too bright.
A cloudy day outdoors, or a well-lit spot indoors tend to make the best places to take photos. Along that line, don't use your flash. It ruins otherwise great photos.
3 - Create a "scene".
Dress up your photos with props that make your photo more interesting.
4 - Use a foam board as a backdrop.
A white foam boardmakes a crisp, bright background for small projects and instantly makes the photo POP!
Those are just a few little tips we hope will help. Now, on to the party!
Talk of the Town link party button
First, let's take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts!
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TotT Featured Blog
Each week we feature a blogger and their blot to introduce you to different bloggers that link up with each week.
Make sure to pay them a visit and say hello while you're there!
This week our featured Blogger is Mistie from Homespun Engineer!
Featured Blog Homespun Engineer - TotT8
Mistie is a wife, mom, and super creative crafter. She loves dressing up in high heels and pretty pink lip gloss, and other days craves a baseball hat and paint splattered t-shirt. Be sure to pay her a visit!
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Now, it's your turn!
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Hand stamped muslin swaddle blanket

I don't know what it is but I love a good handmade baby gift. I've enjoyed crafting and creating baby gifts for as long as I can remember.  Babies are just so small and fresh and new and there is so much excitement about their impending arrival. It's fun to dream and remember all at the same time! The older I get, the less and less baby gifts I seem to be making for friends and family members. It's just sort of that season as we wait for them all to grow {which is exciting too!}, but thankfully, my youngest son has young teachers and sometimes I get to craft some hand made baby items for them. 

This time though, I wanted my 10 year old son to do most of the crafting for one of his favorite teachers. It's nice to have a gift handmade by a parent. It's even more special if it's created by a student don't you think? 

handmade swaddle blanket

I could not be more excited about how well this hand stamped swaddle blanket turned out. If my 10 year old can make it, I know you can too!
swaddled baby

 Come find out how!


How to Get the Fixer Upper look without being on the show

Hasn't this week been the most fun?! I have really enjoyed sharing the exclusive interview with season 3's Fixer Upper client Jaime Ferguson as well as an inside peek into the Ferguson home. I know we all want to be clients of Chip and Joanna's but since it's a requirement that you live within 30 miles of Waco, Texas and that's not possible unless we all make this mass exodus, I've put together a few items for you so that you can get the Fixer Upper look as featured in the Ferguson home.
**Please note, items recommended won't always be the exact item found in the Ferguson's home. When it is, I have noted that. You can simply use this as a guide to get a similar look in your own home.***

fixer upper look


Inside a Fixer Upper client's home after the show

Are you a fan of HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper? I am! I just love Chip and Joanna's style and every time I see a show I think that's my favorite one. And then I see another show and I'm like, no, that's my favorite one! With every new {old} home The Gaines's put their hands on, magic happens. 

It seems like everyone has a new found love of shiplap thanks to Joanna Gaines and no wall seems safe anymore with the fun loving sledgehammer wielding Chip Gaines on the scene. Once that huge picture is split open and the new home is revealed to the family by the sweet syrupy words of Joanna saying "are y'all ready to see your fixer upper?" the viewing audience oh's and ah's right along with the clients who are getting to see their home for the first time.

What many of the viewers don't know is that most of what you see on Fixer Upper's reveal day doesn't actually stay with the house. The home is staged by Joanna, sometimes with items from the client's current home supplemented with some items from Joanna's shop Magnolia Market and other items that have been purchased for the home for staging. After the reveal, the clients have to make the hard decision on what items they want to purchase to keep in their home and what they want the crew to take with them. Remember, these clients are making these decisions usually after their budget has been spent on a complete home renovation. There are some tough decisions that have to be made!

My new friend Jaime Ferguson from season 3 of Fixer Upper {A Big Fix for a House in the Woods} has graciously offered to give us a little peek inside her home after the show. I know you want to peek inside, so come join me as Jaime opens her doors for us.

step inside a fixer upper home after the show


Talk of the Town link party number 7

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