Candy Canes made into Valentine's Day Heart Suckers

Candy Canes from Christmas Sale made Into Valentine's Day Heart Suckers

I love a good sale, so when I saw candy canes for 90% off, I picked up a few boxes. While I know they would probably last just fine into the new year, I wanted to see if I could make them into something I could use right now. It's how I came up with these candy cane hearts. You can package them up, or put a sucker stick in them and create a lollipop.

Candy Cane Hearts

For these large candy canes, you want to set your oven to 250 degrees. Heat your candy canes for a few minutes on wax paper just until the ends are soft and then use tongs or your fingers {be careful they will be hot!} to pinch the ends together. They will cool and harden together. Slip them into a plastic cello bag and tie with a ribbon.

Candy Cane Heart Suckers

So, look at this, but don't learn from me. You want to use the mini candy canes for this project. You will have better luck with the smaller candy canes. The larger ones just fell off the sticks. But let's pretend these were the smaller candy canes. Follow the same steps as above, except when you squeeze in the ends, put a lollipop stick in between the bottom ends and squeeze and twist together.

Next time you see a sale after Christmas on candy canes, you will know that you can pick them up for Valentine's day and save yourself some money!

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