Fused Plastic Bag Made From Target Plastic Bags

Fused Plastic Bag

Normally I bring my own bags with me to reuse (you get 5 cents off your order for each bag you use at Target so it's totally worth it for me), but this time, I had SO many items that I ended up just getting them in plastic. Plus I had seen this cool tutorial so I had a crafty motive behind it. Here's the tutorial from MADE

I changed a few things from Dana's tutorial like I made my bags 14x14, and I used wonder under on my lettering. I also learned to make sure you read the WHOLE tutorial before jumping in. Her tutorial doesn't tell you to serge the edges of the top BEFORE putting the handles on. In her instructions it's listed after the instructions on how to apply the handles and after all that work to put the handles on, I didn't have it in me to take them apart and redo the top. Live and learn for next time.

Essentially, you take plastic bags, use some wax paper and fuse the layers together to make a new fabric. I really like her use of only the white side of the bag, but I got a little excited with the project and just wanted to do it rather than wait to collect more bags (we are talking like 25 more bags) and I didn't have any more major shopping to do at Target. So the first thing I did was lay the bags out flat and cut the tops and bottoms off of them. I saved all the extra that I cut off and used it to make the sides and bottom of the bag.

I had some red canvas material left over from when I hemmed Aidan's IKEA curtains 5 years ago and used that to make the lettering and handles. And of course, I got to try out my new serger that I picked up at a garage sale this summer for $50! LOVE IT!

Aren't they cute?!

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