Using a Pattern to Sew

Following a pattern...but not really
A few weeks ago inspiration (as well as a sale) struck and I bought a few patterns. I'm pretty sure I haven't bought a pattern since my sewing class in High School. I bought a few vintage patterns from goodwill and a few McCall's patterns (or was it butterick?) from Joann's. You won't see too many more pictures of me using a pattern because really, I think they are just too expensive. I would prefer to make my own pattern or re purpose something I already have. I did come up with this vest and scarf duo sort of following the pattern. I cut the length down, didn't add sleeves (not because I don't think it needs some, it does, but because I am not very good at doing sleeves and I didn't like the huge ones that the pattern had), serged the edges, and added some flowy lettuce stitching on the front. I didn't like it very much until I walked into Nordstrom (rack of course!) and saw a zillion shirts just like this. Who knew I was being fashion forward? I used the extra material (probably intended to be sleeves) and made a scarf from it.
I must also take the time to apologize for the pictures on the blog. I am an amateur everything and on top of that I am not a perfectionist. I like when it's nice but I don't love the work that goes into it. It's on my to do list of things to work on, until then, it's sub par pictures on the blog. Sorry!

make it wear it


Andrea Hardman said...

Tres Chic!

I'm not really I'm not sure but I think that means, "Hey, I like that very much. It's really cool" Except the French would never use the word cool. Either that or I said, three baby chickens in spanglish. But I meant the first definition for sure! ;)

And I like sub par pictures just fine.

Unknown said...

Glad sub par works for more people than just me. :)

Andrea said...

I like it! And I hear you about expensive patterns. I try to only buy them when JoAnn's has the for $1. I've never looked at Goodwill though!

Thanks for linking up. Drop by next week to see who I feature and link up again if you can!

Andrea @

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