Using Paper Shreds to Decorate

I lied...another Valentine's day craft

I love antique stores. I often don't have enough time alone to try to hit them and if any of you know my youngest child you would know that Owen (who was banned from storytime at the library) would not be the best child to tag along for a fun trip of antique shopping! I happened to be out with the two older kids and was driving past an antique strip mall I hadn't stopped at in quite awhile. I thought I can do this! So I pulled up my big girl panties and told the two older kids that we were stopping in for a quick trip. My oldest son was less than happy about the detour...and let me know about his dislike for the shop THE WHOLE TIME! I managed to make it a quick trip (Aidan would tell you that an hour is NOT a quick trip!) and picked up some fun little glassware for the house. Which inspired me to make a little Valentine's day thingie...not sure what to call it.

Using Shredded Paper as Decoration

I had Owen help me shred some red and pink scrapbook paper that I have had for ages! I used three pieces of paper.

Origami Hearts

Then I borrowed my daughter's origami set and made 5 origami hearts (I would like to say the 5 hearts represent each person in the family, but that wasn't my intention). I put the hearts in first followed by the paper and after some swirling of the crystal ball, I got the look that I was hoping for.

I'm excited to try it at Easter with a nest and some eggs.

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Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Ok, that's pretty cool! And I heart antique stores too. They're way too much fun!!

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