Felt watch Fun!

I managed to whip up something crafty this week despite being heavily sedated on prescription medication. I am starting to actually be awake more this week (last week was such a blur...don't do drugs kids!), and with limited mobility I am BORED OUT OF MY GOURD!!!

Here's a picture of my little man. He was only two in this picture, but check out his accessories. He LOVED watches. I think it's because his big brother (age 8 at the time) was obsessed with time (he wanted a watch in military time so he would have to "think" about what time it was, not just look...yep, my genius son). Anyway, Owen would wear these watches everywhere he went and was so proud of them. I even thought I was being genius and bought him a felt watch on etsy (this was before I could juggle three kids successfully AND make anything besides dinner!) thinking he would LOVE that...but nope, he wanted the real thing!

Fast forward to last week...or maybe the week before...I don't remember, it's a blur. Did I mention, the theme of the day? Don't do drugs!!! Anyway, Owen, now nearly 5, had this activity book with this snazzy little watch in it. It's just paper, but he loved it. I thought I would use that as a template and make an actual (fake) watch that would last a bit longer than the paper kind.

No tutorial this time folks...I can't even shower...but really, it's quite easy to make and replicate with a template (I remember cutting out watches in the JC Penny catalog when I was a little. I'm sure the Sunday ads must have something you could use), felt, some Velcro and embroidery floss.

And here they are...the finished product! Both of my younger kids are obsessed with the time 7:11. Get it, 7:11? You know, Slurpee time! So, both watches are set to 7:11.

And that's it folks! Super easy, super fun, super accessorised!
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Aly said...

My girls would LOVE these! Great idea.

Sachiko said...

How cute! My little girl would love these. Thank you for linking to my party!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Awww these are cute! My kids love that time too - and they're teenagers! It never ends ;)

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