Garage Sale Finds 6

I picked up a few interesting things this weekend. All of which, I plan to do something crafty with, so stay tuned to see what these turn into.

I got this cheese dome for 50 cents.
This brand new canvas bag for $2. The colors are great (black and tan), and it would make a great beach bag for towels. I'm thinking it needs something in the blank space though. A monogram? A picture of a bird? Hmmmm....
It's funny because we don't live in the country or in a small town, but yet, we could still get milk delivery if we wanted to. My husband grew up having a real actual milk cool is that? I'm just too cheap. Anyway, thats the reason I don't think this milk jug is too old. It isn't the local farm though, and it is a glass bottle, so that made it more interesting. And for free, I couldn't pass it up. Won't it make a fun vase for some wild flowers?!

I also picked up this red serving tray. Another fun fact about where we live, is that less than 1% of the houses actually have air conditioning. The weather in the Seattle area is so very mild that you just don't need it most of the time, but believe me, there are times when we all wish we had it! Most of our houses windows get that nice afternoon sun, which heats the inside up to around 80-90 degrees on a warm summer day. For that reason, it's usually cooler outside! So, we spend a lot of time on our patio and in our yard. I thought this tray would be nice to help me transport those items from the inside out. But I think it needs a coat of paint, and maybe some mod podge.
And that, my friends, is what I found at garage sales. My total for those items, a whopping $4.50!

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