Garage Sale Finds 8

I had a great day garage saleing. There were tons of deals to be had! I even picked up a brand new Anthropologie dress with the tags ($150 retail) still on it for $1! I got these pictures too...

For 50cents each, I plan on painting over these, and mod podging some new scrapbook paper on top for some new wall art.
And I'm not sure what I will do with this beauty yet...I can't tell which way to use it. Is it a sled? Or a fun little organizer? Either way, it was $1 and I liked the color on it.

What did you find this week?
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Unknown said...

Great finds! I took my daughter and her friend with me to Goodwill yesterday and told them they could each spend $5. My daughter isn't really into makeover stuff like me, but her friend seemed interested. We picked up a wooden napkin holder that we're going to turn into a charging station for her and then a mirror frame and back that we're going to turn into a laptop desk. I'll be posting whenever we get them done. Just wish my daughter was into it. Maybe after she sees what her friend and I do, she'll change her tune. :-)

Unknown said...

Kristi, all of your projects seem so creative! You are a women who sees the possibilities! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I like a woman who can envision possibility. Have fun with your items.
Great score on the dress!

Debbiedoos said...

Awesome....I think you could even use that as a little some potted plants in it...for summer and then in the Fall pumpkins and then in the Winter as a sled....possibilities are endless. Thanks for joining in on the party.

NoDebtMomma said...

I love the sled many possibilities!

Mom. Undecided.
(Come one over - I'm having a giveaway this week!)

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