In stitches!

About five years ago we had a new couple move in two doors down. Our kids thought they were pretty cool because they have the coolest jobs...a firefighter and a police officer. They have the cutest little guy that they added to their family two years ago, and he's the only one in the family without a matching TEAM family t-shirt. I asked why and was told that they didn't make them that small. Ah, a challenge! So I whipped one up for the little guy using freezer stenciling.

The little guys favorite thing is balls and it's one of his only words, so when I saw the pocket, I knew I needed to put a ball on there. I just used a circle freezer stencil, filled it in with a few coats of white fabric paint, and then when it was dry used red embroidery floss to made the chevron stitching.

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seven thirty three said...

So sweet of you! And the shirt is adorable.

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