Garage sale makeover

I haven't been very crafty this week. The temperatures were rising into the 90's after a VERY long chilly spring, so I have been at the beach with the family enjoying it!
However, if you remember this gem from last was 25 cents (I bargained!), and everything was right about it aside from the landscape picture in it. So, I busted that out, and ordered a $2.99 picture of my family that I liked better for it!
Doesn't it look better with a simple black and white picture? Plus, really, you can't have TOO many bulletin boards now can you?!

Don't you love the picture? We have an amazing photographer that we have used several times. Her name is Kris Allen (yep, like the guy on American Idol!) and she's in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Check her out here .


Debbiedoos said...

Love that idea....scorching hot here too! Not in the mood for spray painting:) Have a great weekend. Debbie

Melissa said...

Wonderful!! It is definitely greatly improved as you said.

Unknown said...

Debbie, my guess is you have air conditioning! We have such mild summers that less than 1% of the houses in WA have ac...sure makes it hot on the days when you need it! Our house right now is in the mid 80''s cooler outside in the shade!

Chris said...

Love the bulletin board and nope, can't have too many of them! :)

I gave your blog an award! Come by and check it out!

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