Lego Birthday Party Invitations You Can Make

It's hard to believe that my baby boy is turning 5 in just a few short weeks. I guess that's why I was in denial about planning his birthday party until now! Nothing like the last minute! I had lots of ideas for invites, but in the end, simple and cheap won out.

I just took primary colored card stock cut it down to make the card, and then used a 1" circle hole punch and mounted them with sticky dots.
I think they pass as a Lego brick, don't you?

Check that off the onto the actual party planning. Can't I just be in denial forever?


Momrempel said...

Oh my goodness! What a fantastic idea! and so easy to do! I love it!!! I have girls but if they are Lego crazy one day...right now its Dora and Princess....I am definitely going to use this idea! Thanks for posting!

Jill said...

Your invitations look brilliant!! What a great idea! Is it going to be a lego themed party?? Good luck getting it all organised!

Tiffany said...

these are just perfect! simple and spot on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Fantastic idea! Especially for winter birthdays, when you’re racking your brain for ideas.
Lego Party Supplies

Cuttysark said...

Hi, i loved your lego birthday invitations. It is cool, good job on the invite. Have a blessed day!

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