What I wore Wednesday 3

Welcome to week three of What I Wore Wednesday garage sale edition. I'm joining Lindsay again over at The Pleated Poppy . The past few weeks I have documented what I wore here and here but have added my own little twist and showcased my garage sale clothing finds. Garage sales aren't just for picking up toys and cool knick knacks, so hopefully, I am inspiring you to see that you don't have to spend a lot to dress well...
Except day one doesn't do much to prove my point! I spent the morning with the kids at the beach so I popped on this little Abercrombie and Fitch loungewear option over my bathing suit.
Shirt-Abercrombie and Fitch: 50 cents
Pants (or are they capri's?)-Abercrombie: 50 cents
Total: $1

Friday was garage sale day and boy did we hit a cold snap! I like to layer shirts especially when it's cold...I just didn't realize how much. I think I did it three times this week!
Red shirt-Nordstrom: $2
Grey shirt-50 cents
Pants-Hollister: $1
Total: $3.50
On Saturday I hit a few more garage sales before heading to a women's luncheon at church.
White shirt-J Crew: 50 cents
Grey shirt: $1
Total: $2.50
Sunday was church day. Don't you just love the fact that while everyone else is dying in the 90 degree heat, we still need to wear sweaters?
Sweater-Hollister: $1
Green shirt-Gap: 25 cents
Jeans-!it: 50 cents
Necklace-25 cents
Total: $2
Monday was errands and taking my younger two kids to VBS.
Grey striped shirt-Hollister: $1
White shirt-J Crew (yep, same as above): 50 cents
Jeans-YMI: 50 cents
Scarf tutorial here : free
Total: $2
Tuesday, again errands...gotta get some stuff done while the kids are having fun at VBS. Isn't it amazing how much you can do in a few hours?
Shirt: 50 cents
Pants-Hollister: $1
Belt-Express (as seen above):I bought it in college about 13 years ago
Total: $1.50
Wednesday I finished cat sitting for some neighbors so I was changing kitty litter and running errands (again!)...Joann's isn't going to shop itself!
Shirt-Piace: $1
Necklace: 50 cents
Total: $2.50

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mrs t said...

I love outfits 2 and 3! Cute!!

Ellen said...

I like those last Gap pants and the Sunday sweater.

Aubree said...

You are inspiring! Maybe I will hit up some garage sales this weekend and see if I can find anything!

Amy said...

I love seeing your cute outfits each week...and I am envious of how LITTLE you paid for them. I love to buy my kids clothes at garage sales or consignment sales. It really is hard for me to pay full price for something.
Thanks for sharing!

Krista@RustikChic said...

You go girl! Cute stuff for little $...I am impressed.:)

KimMalk said...

That is truly amazing. Don't you wonder why people even sell clothing that cheaply?

Debbiedoos said...

Well aren't you a doll face sportin all your cool clothes! They are awesome deals....of course I have bought things at at Goodwill before that I LOVE...some are my favorite shoes Ever! Thanks for joining in, I always love coming over and seeing what scores are new...and of course the fact that you come again:) Have a great weekend.!~

Michelle said...

Cute outfits! You got some great deals! :)

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