What I wore Wednesday 7

Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday garage sale edition. We spent a lot of this past week just enjoying the end of summer.
Let's start with this outfit on Friday
Striped cardigan-Old Navy: 50 cents
Black shirt: 50 cents
Jeans:( recently hemmed ) Joe's Jeans: $10
Flip flops-J Crew: $1
Total: $12
Not sure why I am standing like a duck: priceless

I got in a long run on Saturday (I'm up to 9 miles now!) and afterwards we headed to my in-laws to celebrate my hubby's birthday
Striped cardigan-American Eagle:$1
Creme tank-Banana Republic: $1
Jeans-Joe's (same as above): $10
Total: $12

Sunday was a church day followed by finishing up my kids school supply shopping.
Navy top: $1
Striped pants-American Eagle: $2
silver necklace: $1
Total: $4
I bought these pants a few weeks ago but they were a size too big. If you can see the buttons on the top back, I just took those off and moved them in about a half an inch on both sides to make the pants fit better. Really though, I just wanted to show you a picture of my tush.

pink sweater-Old Navy: 50 cents
grey leggings: $1
Total: $1.50

I think I might be too old for leggings. It's actually my daughters outfit of choice so everytime I put them on I feel like my 8 year old. What do you think? Is there an age limit to leggings?

And my final day:
Yellow ruffle shirt-Old navy: 50 cents
Capri's-Target: bought years ago

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Unknown said...

Great deals! I don't think there's an age limit on leggings, as long as you have nice legs, right? ;)

Danielle Leal said...

what great deals! I'm loving that yellow striped cardi.

stopping by from the pleated poppy link party.


Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

You find the most amazing deals! You must teach me your secrets! Love all your outfits they are great!!


Come check out my Fashion Link Party Weekend Wear every Wednesday!!!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Unknown said...

I love this post! You've inspired me to do some garage sale shopping this weekend..

Every outfit looks so well put together. I think the pink sweater with the leggings looks perfect for a day at the park or working around the house---very cute...

Mitz said...

I have a butt picture this week TOO! Haha! Every outfit is super cute and super CHEAP, love that! I really like that yellow striped cardigan, darling.

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

You're amazing! I love all of your outfits. Did you really find all of these at garage sales? I definitely need to take a better look at some sales in my neighborhood!

Paige said...

Super cute!!! And I love the leggings. You could put an age limit on almost anything if you wanted to, so I say, don't do it! :)


Abby said...

Love the deals! You look great!

Swell Studio said...

Oh, I LOVE thrifty fashion! Great finds- your outfits are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I'm your newest follower from Buzz on by Thursday. Those are excellent deals and they look so good. Great job. Please come by anytime you get a moment for a visit.


The Things We Find Inside

Unknown said...

LOL when I was 8 I hated tights and legns but Now I am all about them! they are so cute! I'm 28 so I think I'm still ok to get away with them..... i hope that's not the age limit!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your blog. I do think there is a certain age limit for leggings, but that's WAY up there. If I saw my grandma wear them, I might cringe a little. If I felt confident in them, I would probably never take them off.

Renée said...

Just so you know all your pictures look great. You will never see my tush on my blog or yours...so congrats on having a cute one that you can photograph to show you butt-ons. Don't worry, the above comment says it all...from a grandma of 15 who looks "OK" in boot-cut jeans! Glad you are following...I'll do the same. Have a happy weekend.

Tashia said...

I have that cardigan from AE! I love it too!

Debbiedoos said...

Soooo cute...you always find the cutest clothes!

trish said...

I am just dying here! Those are the cutest things and you got them for nickels on a dime! You are a lucky girl indeed!! :o)
I hope you are having a nice weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

This blog on hemming pants SAVED MY LIFE!! http://www.daciaray.com/?p=38 I think you can wear leggings till you can see the cottage cheese through them!! :)

Dear Baby said...

I passed along the link about hemming to my girlfriends too. So awesome.
There is a bit of info missing from this entry. Where are you getting these super discounted clothing? Thrift store finds? Garage sales? Deep clearance?

Unknown said...

Dear baby, I'm not a big fan of Goodwill. I lack patience for the hunt AND I think that their prices are far too high! I get nearly all of my duds at garage sales, which is why my what I wore Wednesday is always "the garage sale edition".

Thanks for reading along.

Charity said...

I just found your blog via Finding Fabulous. I love this What I Wore series. I'm a garage-saler too, and most of what I wear (and what my kids wear) comes from them. I'm in a Banana Republic skirt right now ($1). Oh, and I'm 35 and love leggings. I think as long as you have on a nice long shirt it's ok...even with a little age :)

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