The First Loser

So after making it all the way to the top FIVE in Mandi's Vintage Revival's room makeover contest and a very suspenseful week of waiting, I found out late Friday afternoon that I came in as the first loser.

I appreciate every single one of the 391 votes I received, but it just wasn't enough to beat Jessica at My World Made By Hand with 647 votes. It was really encouraging to me when I would hear that people were taking time out of their lives to vote for me. So thank you to all who voted! You guys rocked!

I must confess though, I have really dealt with being a sore loser all weekend. Jessica won by a lot of votes and she did have a great entry picture.

I have to wonder if I messed up my bed, piled all of our family of fives laundry around the room and left out all of my cleaning supplies, would I have won?

Was my boring room, just that...too boring? The entry pictures I used were not false advertising. Our room looks like it always does. We make our bed everyday, we fold our clothes and put them away as they come out of the dryer and I vacuum the floors of our house nearly every day.

Would it have helped if I had put captions on the picture and made my room look like something that it isn't? I will never know. But I do wonder if I would have done that, if it would have mattered.

As I get over being totally consumed by the contest and being oh so very hopeful that I would have some design help to make our room fabulous, I am thankful that this contest made me start thinking about the possibilities of the room. My husband tells me he has plans to MAKE a king size bed for our room. With his bare hands. Once he gets started on the bed, I am sure that it will be just the motivation I need to get started on making over our room.

So with gritted teeth and a fake smile (that I promise, will one day be genuine..just not yet), I congratulate Jessica on her win. I wish Mandi all the best on her road trip and I really (for real, that really is genuine) can't wait to see what they both come up with for Jessica's room.


Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm sorry you didn't win the contest. It's hard to get excited for possibilities and then have them snatched away. I think the fact that you've started to see something different for your room is a great first step. I'm excited to see what your husband makes for your room and to see what changes that brings for you. I see lots of pretty bedroom ideas on Pinterest. If you're not a member and want an invitation to join, just let me know. I love gathering my ideas there!
Best of luck.

Christina said...

I'm sorry you're disappointed :( Your room has SO much potential...and YOU are so I'm sure you could make something amazing out of it - winner or not!!

HoneySage said...

Maybe we should not be inspired by the contest, as so much we should let the contest inspire our own creativity. Sometimes we just forget to see beyond our nose. I can't tell you how I came to this idea (lots of disappointment fits) but the experiences helped me grow in every aspect of my life. I just have to remember sometimes God says "No" for a reason to help me in another part of my life. I hope this helps, it was sent to you with love and understanding, just sometimes it is hard to relay that in type.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I'm sorry you are disappointed. I will admit that I too would be pretty bummed out if I hadn't won. I will also admit that I am totally shocked that I did...I really, honestly didn't think I stood a chance. I entered this contest for the fun of it (and made my posts and pictures depict me, my personality, my lifestyle, and my mess). I am very sorry that you feel that I advertised my space in a false way. I will admit, embarrassingly, that my room actually does look like this 95% of the time (yes, and that includes the fighting kids). My master bedroom is the last room that gets cleaned, the catch-all for everything that doesn't have a home elsewhere, and, when I try to go in there for some peace and quiet, I get interrupted by questioning, whining, or fighting. I feel that my picture depicts exactly what my room is and everything I don't want it to be.

Your room has SO much potential...and I can't wait to see what you do with it. I am a loyal follower and will continue to be.

kaydenlane said...

I don't think it had anything to do with the pics. I voted for her Bc of her lifestyle. Home most days while her husband works. I felt like this would be such a treat for an overworked mom. No one should be a sore loser over a contest. Your room has lots of potential, good luck

Shellyhectic said...

I really think you didn't win because your room is actually lovely. You just need some colorful bedding and a little bit of artwork and your set. No offense to Jessica but her room will take more work than yours, so she needs more help!

Anonymous said...

No offense and I do need ALL the help we can get :)

Tanya said...

You, my dear, are an amazing creative spirit and will do fabulous job on jazzing up your room all on your own!

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