Garden Landscape Design

Garden Landscape Design

I love a nice yard. I have an obsession with mowing the grass. There is something about making straight lines in a yard that last for days. When you have kids, nothing you do lasts for days like that! I do all of the mowing, gardening, and fertilizing. Even my allergy to grass doesn't stop me!

Our new house has lots of garden potential. The yard is a blank slate. It's like planting from scratch. We have lots of empty garden space just dying for some plants. I am no gardening expert though.

Which is why six years ago when we did some major landscaping projects (put in a sprinkler system, leveled the backyard, added retaining walls, and had a new hand-stamped concrete patio poured) at our old house we hired someone a friend recommended to give us some advice on planting our garden.

My husband had auto cad drawings of our yard ready (you should have seen the landscape designer's eyes light up when she saw that one!), so when Lore Peachy came in to do the design, she took the drawings and set right to work.

Lore called it plant by number. I called it amazing! It was so easy to plant once I had an idea of what to buy and where to put it. It took the guesswork out of it all.

See the numbers in the drawings? They correspond to the numbers on the plant list. Lore even added up how many of each plant I would need. I just had to go to the nursery, pick up the plants and put them exactly where she told me to (see the dots) on the drawings. Like I said, we had this done six years ago, but I think it was the best money we spent on landscaping!

So why after six years am I mentioning it? Because I have been landscaping the yard all week. The design that I had done all those years ago gave me the confidence I needed to tackle my own yard and plant using some of the same concepts. I learned what plants I love (decorative grasses and daylilies) and what plants I don't (roses). I also learned to plant in threes. It seems easy enough and maybe you all know this trick, but I didn't.

Here's a little of what I have been working on this week. I can't claim all of the plantings in the front, most were there when we moved in. I did divide the daylilies and spread bark and edged with the rocks.

The backyard though...just you wait! Pictures are coming soon!

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