Being a tourist in my own city

With gas prices high, I know more and more people are staying close to home. We had my parents visiting from Arizona during the Memorial Day weekend holiday and had a chance to be a tourist for a day in our own city.

I've lived in Seattle for 11 years and always wanted to Ride the Ducks. We finally got around to doing it this weekend.

We enjoyed some beautiful views on Lake Union

Saw lots of sea planes taking off and landing

Spent some time snuggling with one of my favorite guys

And enjoyed some beautiful views of our city.

Fun fact: My husband proposed at the top of the Space Needle!

We also got a quick glimpse of Pike Place Market.

The Ducks were super fun for the whole family and such a great way to see the city in only 90 minutes. What's your favorite thing to do in your city?

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