Crafting with Grandma

At least once a year, I try to get together with Grandma and have a craft or sewing night.

Grandma is my husbands Grandmother on his Dad's side. She had three boys, and her three boys went on to have 7 more boys and only 1 girl. Poor Grandma was outnumbered for years!

But now that the cousins are all married there is a baby boom happening. And guess what, we have had a streak of girls. Eight in a row to be exact! And with five of the eight cousins pregnant right now, it seemed fitting to do a baby girl craft night. Not all of the girls could make it, but we had fun hot gluing, sewing and chatting the night away.

We made baby legs out of tube socks, flower bows and satin flowers.

This is one of the hair flowers we worked on

And this is another

And some more

Notice the boy colored baby legs? One of the pregnant mamas has her fingers crossed!

We are all so thankful to have Grandma in our lives. She offers up so much encouragement and wisdom and she is such an awesome example to us all of how to be a Godly woman, wife and mother. Grandma is the most hospitable woman you have ever met and in an age where we outsource so much of our lives, she offers up the experience to encourage us to get back to basics.
She's an amazing listener and is always so thoughtful in the advice that she gives, never passing judgement but only wanting to understand our situation. I always cherish her handwritten notes or her little article clippings that she sends when she's thinking about a conversation we had or a life moment that we are in.
I brought my 9 year old daughter along since it was a "girls" night and as we pulled out of the driveway I said to her "we are so lucky to have Great Grandma in our lives". I always learn something from her and appreciate the time that we have in each others company. I'm definitely looking forward to another craft night soon!


Kate Teodoro said...

who is the 5th cousin.... Erica, Val, Mich, me and ?????? said...

What a great night! Those lessons are the most cherished i have from my grandma, just the respect for all they have lived through and done in their lives, so special. How wonderful you KNOW that!!

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