Garage sale finds Friday 19

Welcome to another week of Garage Sale Finds Friday, where I show you some of my finds from garage sales.

I sort of have a thing for Coca Cola crates...o.k. for crates in general. When I saw this pair I couldn't pass them up.

I paid $5 for each. And if you remember, last year, I picked one up so now I have three.

I love the vintage charm, and the fact that Pottery Barn has them in their catalog for $24 each makes me think I got a deal!

PB Found Soda Crates

I also picked up this cool framed picture. It only cost me 25 cents.

The detail in the frame matches a frame that I have already in my bonus room.

I also picked up this cloche for $1.

You can do a lot of fun stuff with a cloche like this :

or this

cloche with nest
I got some pretty cool stuff. How about you?

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Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

Awesome finds !!! Went thrifting this week got a watering can for #2 and a new tribal shirt!! Also did sum fabric flower pots. Got the fabric and pot from Goodwill total cost was $2.50 !!!

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