Bear Head and the story of the attack

A few months ago, my husband was attacked by a bear while he was hiking in Mt. Si. Thankfully, he was a wrestler in High School and he was able to hold his own. He wrestled the bear to the ground before one of his hiking buddies took out his bow and shot the bear right in the heart. My husband survived with a few broken ribs and some minor scratches, the bear did not.

We thought of making shirts for the kids that said "my dad was attacked by a bear and all we got were these shirts", but we thought that was tasteless, so we mounted the bear and hung him on the wall.

OK, so none of that happened, but we think that if you have a mounted bear head hanging in your house, you need a good back story just in case. We actually picked up the bear head at our church auction.

From the moment I saw the bear head, I wanted it. Not sure why though. I just kept thinking he would look really cool on our fireplace. The only downside is that my husband really wishes that he could wear the bear head. You know, slide it over his head and walk around scaring small children. Unfortunately, you can't.

So we hung him on the mantle above the fireplace in our living room and gave him a name. His name is Rocky. I still had all my little chochkeys on the mantle but I think it distracts from the awesomeness of the bear head.

So I took them off.

What do you think? Think it looks too bare now?

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