Things around the kitchen I couldn't live without

We don't eat out much. Maybe once a month (if that) so I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen feeding our family of five. A few months ago, I took you on a tour of my kitchen. You can see it here .
Today, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things. The stuff that gets used at my house. Just a disclaimer, my opinions are my own, I am NOT getting compensated for telling you how awesome this stuff is.
First up, the Pampered Chef mini serving spatula. These guys are only $5 each and are good for doing everything from flipping pancakes, browning ground beef or serving up brownies. I love that they are small, fit comfortably in my hand and are easy to maneuver.
Another Pampered Chef product that I use nearly everyday is the classic batter bowl {similar item}. I love that it has a lid and lines for measuring on it. I can put up to 8 cups in this bowl (great for making lemonade) or I can use it to store cut up fruit or leftovers (especially soup). And the fact that it has a handle makes it ideal of mixing pancake batter in too.
The one thing on our wedding registry list that my husband cared about at all, was the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I never had one growing up, so I didn't know how awesome it was. But after 13 years of marriage, I have not only one, but two of these bad boys. In my defense, they are two different sizes and when I do lots of baking it's nice to have more than one.
I make everything from mashed potatoes to pizza dough to chocolate chip cookies in here, and no matter how much use it's still going strong. 
About five years ago my mother in law bought me my first Cutco knife. Despite a full knife block, this is the knife I always reach for first. Once a year, I send my knife back to Cutco to be sharpened, and if it's broken in anyway, they will send me back a new replacement (so far, that's happened once). I love a company that stands by it's product and it's guarantee.
Despite having granite countertops and the ability to cut directly on their surface, I still reach for these acrylic cutting boards. My sweet friend Lisa picked a few up for me and I haven't gone back since! I am constantly washing these after slicing cheese, or cutting fruit or veggies. And because they are clear, they don't stand out in the kitchen.
My favorite new appliance is my Viking gas range . The range came with our new house and I am so glad it did because I don't think I would ever splurge on it myself. It's got 6 burners, a convection oven and is pure awesome. It makes cooking easy and despite my initial fears at having gas, I have really gotten used to it and enjoy it.
When I am not cooking on the range, I am using my old faithful crock pot. I cook meals in this at least once a week. I love that I can start dinner at 8 am and not think about it again until 5. This cheapo crockpot is just like the one I have and costs only $20. It's lasted me at least 10 years so far.
So what are your favorite items around the kitchen?

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