Captain Ahab

My in-laws built a beautiful house on the Bay about seven years ago. It's such a fun place for the family to get together, complete with ski boat and dock. The way the lot was when they bought the land required some major engineering to get the driveway and the house situated just right.

There is a long steep driveway heading down into the garage that often requires driving down and then reversing into the driveway.

Because of the reversing that has to be done, this cone is placed in a little turn around area so you know how far to go before reversing. It's helpful, but has always seemed like a temporary fix for me.

The cone just says "under construction" not settled and living comfortably. But alas, it does it's job. I did ask my mother in law if she would mind if I found a more appealing fix instead of the cone. So after a year of thinking and searching I think I found something!

I call him Captain Ahab

Instead of seeing the cone first thing as you drive down, Captain Ahab sort of blends in to his surroundings...that is, until you need him for all of your reversing needs.

He does need a few minor fixes to make him more useful (reflector tape and a sturdier base) but I think he looks happy in his new home, don't you?

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