Garage sale finds Friday 20

Welcome to another week of Garage Sale Finds Friday, where I get to share with you some of my great garage sale finds.

Are you ready?

I have quite the crafty find to share with you this week. Occasionally I get motivated to participate in a local holiday craft fair. It's totally stress inducing and requires me to work at sweat shop type speeds to produce enough material to sell. Then by the time the set up happens, I'm too pooped to care about making the display pretty.

Not this time folks! I was thinking ahead. I picked up this small spinning card display for only $2. Right now I am storing my handmade cards in it (more on that in a sec), but come craft fair time, I could fill this bad boy with anything!

Now about the cards...if you are a friend or relative you will know that I like to send out cards. My secret though, is that I don't make them. I used to, but I don't think I was ever as good as this gal is (wish I knew her name) that I buy them from.

I don't buy them at her shop or craft fair, I buy them at her yearly garage sale. Last year I found her and picked these up. This year I stopped in hoping she would have some and when I didn't see any, I asked if she would be getting any out. She pulled some out just for me and I loaded up again!

She makes amazing cards that I love to send out. Most people think I make them and usually I fess up and let them in on my secret. Sometimes I just say thank you and move on, others just assume and that's fine by me.

Cards are expensive now. Even cheap ones at Target are $2 each. I usually get these handmade cards for about 50 cents a piece. Not too shabby!

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