A fun trip to the furniture store

As I mentioned here I have been looking for a buyer for our "red chairs" as the kids like to call them. They just don't fit in our new space so I set off to find something smaller.

I was dreading mentioning the fact that my kids had to join me on a trip to a furniture shop. Seriously, what child likes to go along furniture shopping? Not mine!

I have heard for years that I should go to The Old Cannery and I bribed the kids with candy knowing that they had a fudge shop inside.

But they didn't just have a fudge shop, they also had all kinds of other fun stuff like trains on tracks above their heads, people that talked, golf carts to sit in and play with and then more trains. The kids thought it was the best shop ever!

And I found some cool stuff.

Isn't this old woody cool? My youngest wants to do a surf theme in his room...I think.

I was also trying to get inspiration for my master bedroom furniture when I get around to painting it. I thought this style was similar to our current bed.

And look at this cool vintage train car sofa. I love the wheels, the numbers and the linen pillows!

It's so cool it deserves another picture!

Finally we found the section with the chairs...remember...the whole reason for the trip.

I needed something smaller than the 42" wide chair we currently have and wanted one in off white.

This one is a contender and was pretty comfy.

And so was this tufted one

And this leather one

I got sidetracked again by more burlap, black and linen goodies

Aren't these pillows adorable? I love the font

These really cute steamer trunks feed into my vintage suitcase obsession

Who can go wrong with a galvanized bucket full of cute pillows?

O.k. back to reality and the reason I came.

I picked up two of these bad boys.

Now to sell the red chairs and move them into the house. And thankfully, when we need to get a new mattress and head to the furniture store again, I know that the kids will actually be looking forward to the trip, not dreading it!

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