Garage sale finds Friday 16

Welcome to another edition of Garage Sale Finds Friday, where I show you some of the cool stuff I picked up at garage sales over the weekend. You can do a quick search of my blog to find some of the cool finds from past weeks.

I started off my hunt with this cool pitcher and matching jug. I like that it looks old and distressed but it's not. And I loved the price at only 25 cents for the pair, it was hard to pass up!

I also found a really cool *working* art deco lamp. The shade is original and was worth the $2 price tag

But I didn't just get the shade for $2, I also got the whole lamp!

Isn't the detail at the bottom amazing? And did I mention that it works and cost only $2???!!!

I also picked up several old books. Stacks of old books make me happy. And I scored this cool red pencil box too. Grand total for the box and the books: 75 cents!

Not a bad haul for $3! What did you find this weekend?

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