Window Shopping Day 4-Halloween Edition

This whole week I have been sharing with you some of my favorite things from a recent window shopping trip. Yesterday, I started my Halloween Edition and today I continue it.

This little guy was found at a scrapbook store. Pretty sure, he's all paper. Totally cool

This Halloween topiary gets an A for best use of an old thread spool. And check out the Halloween colored it.

So many great things to see here

I love the poison jar, the black tree and the silver glitter skull

Aren't these owl ornaments amazing?

There was a bucket of skulls too

I couldn't get enough of all of the really cool figurines they had. I love the tissue paper details.

I found this owl high up on a shelf

Every year I spray paint and put glitter on several real pumpkins. I love that they added ribbon and flowers to these. Keepin' it classy!

Like I mentioned yesterday, there were a ton of Halloween trees out there. And why not? How else are you going to hang your Halloween ornaments?

This Dracula ornament was too cute! You pulled the bat at the bottom and he did little jumping jacks.

This little owl was too cute.

I love the vintage feel of these black cats

I don't even know what to say about these guys. I just thought they were pretty cool. Like "hello, you are interrupting my conversation".

And these look like the bratty kids who steal your candy from your pillowcase on Halloween night

I love this black pumpkin

Seriously, weren't those some of the best Halloween decorations out there?! I had so much fun sharing my window shopping treasures with you. Did you have a favorite? Next time, lets go shopping together!


Craftcherry said...

I love that little Dracula. He would look just perfect on my Halloween tree. This whole post makes me want to decorate for Halloween!

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Hi Rachel, love your thrifty finds and love this Halloween post. the pumpkin on the pedestal is great...

Fancy Frugal Life

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