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Remember how I mentioned that the kids all headed back to school , leaving me with no one around to keep me company during the day? Well, lucky me, I actually got to have a date day with my hubby. He had a floating holiday and the kids all had school. So after we walked the kids to school, grabbed a coffee and went to a few garage sales, he suggested going to my favorite nearby town to do some window shopping. Hello, can you say THE PERFECT DAY!

What turned into a little window shopping has now turned into a week of blog posts about some of my favorite things that I found while we were out.

One of my favorite baby/kids shops in Sumner, WA is Sugar Babies. I've been shopping there since my kids were little and now that it's moved to a larger location down the road, I love it even more. Too bad for me my "baby" is now 6, so the shopping and browsing is done solely for ideas for nieces and nephews and friends babies. We are happy to be past that phase, but it doesn't stop me from oohing and ahhing at the cuteness!

Check out that adorable owl hat. Is that not the cutest thing you have seen?!

Like I said, I shop for the nieces and nephews now. This shirt is so true!

And seriously how cute are these birthday outfits?!

Think I could pull one off?

Flowers and bows were not super trendy when my daughter was little. But if they were, I love these. Check out how they are displayed. Looks like you could wrap and old oatmeal container with some cool paper and use that.

They have the cutest little girl clothes.

Personally I am not a huge animal print person, but on a little girl I just want to eat it up! I love the colors!

And seriously, I think all of the coolest best baby products came out after my kids were little. Where was this little snack keeper when I needed it? Instead I had baggies and crushed cereal floating around everywhere.

Aren't these boy jammies the cutest?

This store also has the best room vignettes.

This bird picture is my favorite

My oldest is a huge baseball fan. He's a little too big for it now, but wouldn't this have been fun for his first big boy room?

I love birds (but only on canvas...they freak me out in real life) and crowns

This drum light is ah-mazing

So is this foam chandelier. Who doesn't love a chandelier?

More cuteness.

After all that shopping, we had to stop for some lunch. This little cafe has the best panini and minestrone soup ever. And it's cheap!

A super fun date day.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more cool finds. You won't want to miss it!


TeenaBugg38 said...

Yayyy for back to school and day dates :) What an awesome little shop!

Fifi said...

Omg...that "good looks from my Autie" shirt is the cutest!!

Just hopping around different blogs. Looking forward to more of your posts.

your newest follower!

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