The gift of yearly ornaments

When my husband and I got married, I remember stressing out a bit about our first Christmas together.  

I invited my mom and my best friend up to our new home to help me make some ornaments because I didn't think we would have anything to decorate the tree with.

When we started having kids, I continued a tradition that my husbands Grandmother started and we began giving the kids at least one new ornament every year.

I usually buy the ornament on sale the previous year keeping in mind milestones or interests of the kids.  For example, just before the youngest started school, I bought him a school house ornament.  When my oldest learned how to ski, I bought him a skiing ornament.

I wrap the ornaments in wrapping paper and place them with our Christmas decorations.  Then when we set up our tree and get our decorations out for the year, the ornaments are in the box.

We get the tree set up, and then the kids get to unwrap their ornament for the year.  It becomes the first present of the season.

We write their initials and the year on the ornament and after the year is over each child has their own box to put their ornaments in.

The kids are starting to have quite the collection of ornaments to take with them when they are adults.

I asked the kids this morning which ornament was their favorite.

 The youngest (age 6) picked his baby shoes from his first Christmas.

My middle (age 9) picked this ballerina princess from when she was three and fully into anything princess!

And my oldest (13) who is never full and always ready to load up on junk food, picked this smores ornament from a few years ago.

My dear friend Tiffany, passed along a few of these ornament charms that I think are genius!  They came from Oriental Trading and are such a classic way to label the ornaments (better than our sharpie that we use now!).  Where have they been for the past 13 years?!

Don't they look great on my daughter's newest ornament?

I totally need to order some!  

Does your family celebrate with a yearly ornament?


Julie said...

This is such a great idea!! I love it!

Nicole said...

My daughter buys her grandparents a new ornament every year....she has even given them the smore one that Aiden has in his picture...because of all the camping we do with my parents. The ornaments usually have something to do with her which is fun...her freshman year of college it was her college mascot. Since we spend Christmas with them every year, we get to see the ornaments. said...

Great tradition!! Those ornament tags are awesome, great tip!!!

Halle said...

We have that same tradition. But I love the little year charm idea! We can never remember after a couple of years when the ornaments were given!

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