Felt flowers and free patterns

Felt flowers and free patterns

Two weeks ago, I was asked to lead a middle school girls craft event. 

We needed something we could complete rather quickly and with various skill levels, so I settled on making felt flowers.  Felt is one of my favorite fabrics because it is so easy to work with so it was perfect for our event.  

Here are a few of the mock up flowers I made to demonstrate for the event

First up the pom pom flower

This flower is so easy to make!
You just take a long strip of felt and cut it (mine is 2" wide)

Next, pretend you are in Kindergarten and you are cutting grass out of construction paper.

Start at one end and glue on the uncut grass end and start rolling

That's it
pom pom flower


Yesterday I shared with you how to make your own adjustable ring base.
I made those with this project in mind.

There are tons of tutorials out there
including this one from when I made my awesome bloom belttm

you pretty much just cut circles and glue them.

Cute right?!

Next up, the felt peony flower

I use this template found here 

The hardest part is cutting out the pattern

Once you have that, you just have to decide what color felt you want to use and cut the flower out

Didn't this middle schooler pick out super cute colors?

Best part about this project is that I also got to teach life lesson 1054, which is,
 how to sew on a button

Our final flower was this spiral rose from will you? to I do!

Isn't it lovely?  And so easy!
Click the link above for the printable pattern
This one we made into a pony tail holder

The possibilities are endless with these flowers.  
What would you make them into?


Unknown said...

Super cute! I'd put them on some flip-flops...in the Summer. It's too snowy right now. ;)

Andi said...

The tutorial on cutting flowers out of felt is so helpful! I never thought to pin the pattern to the felt. That will make it soooo much easier!

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