Daddy Daughter Dance and some creative hairpieces

Last week I posted a tutorial on a dress that I made for my daughter.  

She loved the dress so much she wanted to wear it to her special daddy daughter dance.
Hard to believe that the dress actually used to be a cardigan sweater!

I followed this tutorial that I found on pinterest

With school, work & other life events, I hardly have time to do nice hairstyles. When I see easy ones like these I get happy :) The best part is, it takes about 5 mins. Things needed:  Clear Elastic, Bobby Pins & Some Good Hairspray. 1) Tease the crown of your head to get some volume (I personally don’t tease my hair often but it will look nice regardless) 2) Divide your hair into 2 sections 3) Twist the left side all the way to the tip & coil it up into a bun in the middle of your head & secure it with a clear elastic & a few bobby pins 4) Twist the other side all the way down & wrap that section around the first bun & secure it with a few more bobby pins. 5) Spray a bit of hairspray (I like a messier style so I pull some strands out & use fewer bobby pins. If you want a neater bun, you could slick your hair back and only twist the lower part of your hair or just twist the entire set of hair more tightly, use more bobby pins & any hair accessory you like)

and pulled Isabella's hair back.

I realized I needed a clip to make it look snazzy so I pulled one together quickly using some lace from an old cami that has had several other uses.
I used the same technique to make it as I did when I made the awesome bloom belt.

Here's the hubby all ready for his date.
If he doesn't stop making that face it may just stay like that!

He bought a corsage for his sweet date

and she was thrilled to receive it

All ready to head out for their big night on the town

I liked doing Isabella's hair so much (ie, my hair needs a haircut so I need to pull out every up do I know how to do) I did the same thing for church on Sunday.

Except guess what I used to pin it in place?

Yep, a hand dyed coffee filter just like the one I used on the wreath here.


jen said...

so cute! i'm sure her friends were full of envy with her one of a kind dress. she'll look back at it one day and realize that she had a super awesome mom.

Alison Agnew said...

well don't they just make
the handsomest couple?

just found your blog
and am following you
via LF and GFC
and hope you'll return the favor!


Anna at said...

Could you be any craftier - and could your daughter be any more adorable??? LOVE THAT DRESS! (And hair!)

Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor said...

Oh that is so precious!! I love, love that dress! So pretty! I can't believe it was a sweater before. You did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

Anonymous said...

Cute couple. :-)

Can't wait to try the hair do for myself. :-)

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