The Grass is Always Greener on my neighbors lawn...but not this summer!

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When I was growing up, my father took great pride in his acre of lawn.  He fertilized the yard, aerated, edged, and mowed the grass sometimes twice a week.  When I was in High School, I took over the job of mowing the grass.  I got paid $10 for mowing that acre of lawn.  Even though I had access to our riding lawn mower, I always choose to mow the grass using our self propelled push mower.  I loved the way the lines would be so crisp and clean in that fluffy green grass.

My father set that bar high for lawn care and maintenance.  When I became a homeowner eleven years ago I was excited to carry the torch.  I mowed the lawn with our used lawnmower and my husband edged the lawn once a summer (not enough if you ask me!) when he could borrow an edger.  But something was missing.  Our lawn wasn't green, lush and full.  Before I would head out to cut the lawn, my kids would beg me to not cut down the flowers (dandelions) in the grass!  When we tried to have a picnic or run barefoot through the yard we would yelp in pain.  The grass was so pokey and hard.

I started talking to friends and researching fertilizer.  I knew that was the one thing missing from a beautiful green lawn.  Just like we take vitamins and eat right to make our bodies healthy and strong, our grass is alive and needed it's dose of vitamins to help it grow and be healthy as well.

I went to our local home improvement store and picked up Scott's fertilizer and have been using it ever since.  Most stores carry Scott's so it's easy to find, and now it's even easier to use.  Why you ask?  Because Scotts has come up with a new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System that is going to make lawn care so much easier!

The new Scotts Snap Spreader System is a no mess no guess spreader system.  I don't have to ask my engineer husband to calculate how much fertilizer I need to spread on the lawn.  Scotts has taken the guess work (and the math) out of the equation!  The system auto-sets the proper flow rate for your yard.  No spreader settings required.

With the Snap Pac there are no spills, no scissors and no heavy bags to be pouring from.  When you are finished spreading your fertilizer on your lawn the Snap Pac self seals upon removal, no more half empty bags on the garage floor!

Want to see more? Check out  this video 
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Scotts Snap Spreader System would definitely help make lawn care easier for me this summer.

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Four Loves said...

That sounds just like my life! My dad was the same way and our yard looks like crap. My husband doesn't have the same passion for a nice yard as my dad and what I want it to look like.

Unknown said...

This is a great article! The people who live in my neighbor hood usually always have nice green grass. My lawn is in good shape it just is hard to maintain because I have a lot of trees. Since the fall is coming up, I have been preparing for all the leaves that will be falling in my yard. I decided to purchase a vacuum mulcher because it is a quick and easy way to pick up all the leaves. This way I do not have to spend the hours raking.

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