Thank you!

I just want to take a second to let you guys know that you rock my socks off.


I mean seriously.
I heard from several of you that you took the time to vote for me
 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 creative moms blogs.

I want to thank a few of you personally.


For all my facebook fans who did not one time complain (out loud) about me spamming them with
"vote for me" requests

To Anna at My Life and Kids who is not only my long lost twin, but who totally blasted my name out there to her facebook peeps.
Anna, you are my favorite!
I love you tons and tons...probably more than is appropriate.
If you aren't following Anna, you should.
She's hilarious!

A HUGE thank you to my real life friends and family
whose support through voting and reading this blog warms my heart.

Just a shout out to a few of you who I *know* about 
(I'm sure there are many more that I don't) 
who took time on multiple days to vote for me, spam others for me, and all around boost me up with your kind words
I want to thank Tiffany, Lea, Auntie Nancy, Analisa,
Sally, Lynda, Auntie Peg, Carrie, Louise, Kacy and Erin

Cheri a special shout out for encouraging me to participate.

I honestly am blown away by the support I have received in this
and I truly appreciate each and every one of the people who took time to push that thumbs up circle.

You guys make my heart happy!
Thank you!


Nees Family Blog said...

Rachel, I would recommend shaving your legs more often and painting your toe nails...just in case your socks get rocked off again!
Congrats on making the top 25! I was proud to support you and vote daily. love, kacy

Unknown said...

Good idea Kacy! Totally going to invest in a pedicure...spring is on it's way!

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